King of Baloria; Layered in Necros




Warrior, priest of Vey’Ghul, necromancer. Grandson of Vey’Ghul. Vampire (turned by Vey’Ghul). Alvordis is the creator of The Black Kiss, among other things. He is the most influential figure in the Nexus of Death, the far-reaching, complex black hole of a system that is the church of Vey’Ghul. He calls Necros home, and is eyes-deep in the political machinations of that country as well. In permanent mourning over the loss of his lover, the elven queen Kyvlelliasha LurĂ©’Llasalla. He is the archnemesis of the demigod John Law.

Alvordis is 3/3. He has killed John Law in all timelines. Created and wields The Black Kiss.

Alt timeline 2: 10/5. He turns the castle of Kyv (until recently Baloron) into The Kiss of Kyv, Nexus outlet. He sends the threat of Alvordis to Synnvol. “Return the sword or I invade North Ravakka with 200,000,000 of my dead.” Synnvol promptly returns the sword. He sends insult to Braxwor Steelheart III. “You claim four cities and I gain another empire. Soon you will die and rot under your mountain. I will shatter your clan, rape your daughters, and then we will see who will rule the world.” with a sending II spell. Braxwor Steelheart III gives no response. 10/20 Braxwor Steelheart III nukes him in the face and ends him.


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