Aienschynna Luré'Llassalla

Headmistress of Soulfinder Academy; Lord of the 8th Ward


5’6"; slender even for an elf, Com: 18. Serene and composed, almost otherworldly. High priestess of Thasashialla.


Daughter of Selenré Lansadriell and Kallendrynna Luré’Llassalla. She is of the royal blood line of Llelliava, the niece of the current queen. She grew more and more opposed to her father’s life-path after his self-imposed exile from the motherland, until it culminated in a legendary verbal fight that resulted in her father casting her out of his house. She was still quite young. Bad shit happened. She was on the cusp of being sold into slavery, but an old priest of Thasashialla, Ellis, intervened and saved her from a grim outcome. He was 56 years old. They eventually fell in love and took a life vow, when he was 62. He died ten years later. They produced no children. Together they founded Soulfinder Academy in Xoll.

Eighteen years after Ellis’ passing, Aien met Solus Wolfwalker, preeminent, smashingly successful bard of Xoll. Two years later Ethoriana Wolfwalker was born.

alt timeline 2: Lord of the 8th Ward. Chosen of Thasashialla. Bluffing, and holding her breath.

Aienschynna Luré'Llassalla

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