Adrian Smith

Knight of Stonewall, Paladin of Torm


Shattered face, wrecked body, extremely huge.


Sir Adrian of Torm was unquestionably the hardest man living on Xynndarra. Despite his great strength, his body was all but broken, and always he was after the next evil foe to slay. Always.

If memory serves, he did finally smash the church of Cyric and Xytol in Therandin on the original timeline, but ffs it’s been so, so long.

He was an idol for Jourandis Calindis, deeply respected by Daine Brightblade, and even became the lover of Katarina. He was the only man Katarina ever tried seducing, and she succeeded, to say nothing of the long, strange tale of Jourandis and Kat’s relationship. Regardless, he had no time for vaginas, and Adrian and Kat were never a real relationship.

Adrian Smith

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