Timeline Parallel 2

Once more into the breach...

First, no gods are allowed on Earth. Then, Freyja made it so that no god of any stripe (even demigods) could be on Earth. On 2/13/799, all bets are off as far as the gods are concerned.

Lezarous and Prism Way Back

09/05/798 – Prism and Lezarous arrive in Chasewood. P teleports them near Orides. They get to the Bliss, promptly muster Voz and Annaverra. Lez once again allows Annaverra, over the course of the next several days, to scour his mind with E.S.P.
9/11/798 – Annaverra sticks it to Lezarous morally, shovels much food for thought. Later, Lez uses reflecting pool on the ghost Lord Uthdar, sees that he is indeed, at that moment, in the Karthuin Ruins with Graysoul. Fails to get a read on Velimé. That night, Freyja meets Lez and P and fills them in.
9/12 – P sending to Annaverra, requesting spellbooks and magical weaponry.
9/14 – Annaverra provides long sword +3 & 100 pg. spellbook from Yaro for 10k. Later that day Freyja, Lez, and P pop into Brellcove, fly spell over to Karthuin Ruins. Freyja wrecks some goblins in one of the towers of the keep. Enter keep, face ghost Lord Uthdar wielding Graysoul. Uthdar claws Lez’ face, ages him 40 years. Lez crit immediate deaths his ass in response. As a 63 year old man.
9/15 – Lez reaches out to Dusk. Dusk hooks a poor man up, let’s him pull the reverse of Age Creature from her to wipe out the aging over a four day period.
9/19 – Lez, Prism, Freyja slay Drovozar. In one round. /facedesk Brad’s dice are unleashing hot fury. 2 crits on the dragon. Apparently trying to make up for the embarrassing 0 hp he was able to take off of Gorsha. Prism gets a clue she’s not keen on.
9/20 – Sorting through the hoard. Freyja negotiates a deal with a Luxao mastersmith.
9/21 – Harvesting of the hide/scales by the master’s apprentices.
9/22 – 120 day time frame requested begins.
9/23 – Early A.M. — Lez meets Bale in the park in Orides. Is cryptic with him, tells him Xyv might be able to help him. Bale got annoyed, but definitely curious. Freyja takes Lez to Lunacy late morning. Prism takes care of business that afternoon.
9/24 – Session start. Lez comes back from Lunacy, Kullin arrives in Orides from Vandorn on the borrowed heavy war horse. Titus shows up.
9/25 – Early A.M., Voz and Heath show up at Lez/Kullin’s suite. Voz requests speak w/ dead. Lez shows up at east barracks. Lez tells Voz his interpretation based on original timeline. Ukulla, sewers. Titus tells Jon Kross about his timeline, even the key shit. Jon’s mind is blown. Solomon shows up. Titus and Kullin throw some weight around the temple of K’Khaz. That morning Noth & Co. left to try to investigate/handle The Bellville Bandits.
9/26 – Brief Lunacy visit again, then Freyja parts ways. Annaverra brought Daoma of Yaro and Voz for a meeting w/ the PCs (Solomon, Kullin, Titus, Lezarous, Prism). Annaverra was incredulous at how passive the PCs seemed concerning their fate and in particular C, I. Prism wound up chewing Annaverra out, Annaverra lost her temper and yelled at Prism, mentioning Feyzura. Voz wisely pulled her out of the room, and that was that.
9/27 – Group heads to Karthuin Hills, gets to Brellcove, then Freyja interrupts their trip to go find Flairra, as Freyja’s ship alerted her that the demigoddess was in the area. Freyja and PCs witness Shaldor receiving Flairra in his courtyard. They drop eaves. Jezraellé is the one that does the talking for Flairra. She has a map transferred to Shaldor. “My Fire Queen offers you 250,000 imperial dragons for the Darkenwood, with boundaries on the map before you. Lady Daiyu [gestures] will become Lord of Darken. The Darkenbeasts will swear fealty to Daiyu, who will in turn swear fealty and submit to vassalage to you, great king Shaldor the First, true heir of Athalgard.” Freyja noted her ship reads that Cro is in the area. Shaldor ever so briefly hears some words from his four advisers, before accepting the proposal. He is paid on the spot. Lady Daiyu follows Shaldor’s lead in an oath of fealty. They leave Gainras to work out the details of the vassalage. Flairra & co. fly off rapidly to the Darkenwood, into the thick heart of it. PCs and Freyja are again able to eavesdrop, and learn that Mosaini is to bring the secret stasis child to term. (see Darkenwood entry).
9/28 – PCs delay Karthuin trip and forge into the sewers. After much searching, and noting some blood spots here and there, Solomon finds a secret door, which leads to the hidden passageway into the woods west of the city. Solomon + group follow tracks out to the cave. They engage the serial mutilator Kan’Jurr of Ukulla and slay him, and rescue Shenda Banther, her face also badly mutilated.
9/29 – Speak w/ dead on Kan’Jurr. Confirmed while he was responsible, he didn’t actually murder anyone. K’tulu flattens the park of Orides with his presence. Two witnesses. Solomon and Stavayar. They both heard and saw Ktulu. To everyone else, it’s like the dark god was never there. But most of the trees of the park have mysteriously leveled suddenly in broad daylight. J’C goes to Lunacy. Solo pisses Aziza off. Right after that, Aziza kills Jon Kross right in front of Kullin’s eyes. Kullin sees the wraith-like A Mystery Character. Lez goes to park. Park is where the session will start real date 1/4/2014. Valrin had a long chat with the King. He immediately orchestrates the Treaty of Stron. Immediately in response to Alvordis once again somehow slaying John Law (9/29). Bloodhaven, Strongal, Ghan’Thadarun, Blingellum all sign. Defensive alliance. Attack one, attack them all. To receive it, Bloodhaven gave Blingellum tariff lowering, Bloodhaven receives some land in the Northrock Mountains, name Borov Redfield VII vassal lord of that area. Red Claw HQ. Borov swears fealty to Bloodhaven. Bloodmaul and his united tribes join The Red Claw. Ghan’Thadarun receives a chunk of land in eastern Northrock, including Ironforge. Lord Kale proceeds the mopping up of Law. Braxwor turns up the flow on Earthblood Gate. He channels Thadar. The land mass is severed there. It causes a significant volcanic event and wrecks the four undead demon controlled city states and completely swallows those lands of the former isthmus.
9/30 1 A.M. Shaldor signs Ravakka into the Treaty of Stron. Separately signs a trade agreement with the Drakdann. Synnvol declares Travosk King of North Ravakka, Travosk immediately signs the Treaty of Stron. Signs Treaty of Cooperation w/ Drakdann. 2 A.M. Xadin signs Treaty of Stron. Dwendyn and Sharcella scramble to join, are signatories by noon. All signatories must allow a branch of the Blingellum bank to be built in their capitols, w/ the exception is Orides, which receives Shaldor’s bank obligation. Shaldor appoints Peldor Whiteward Lord of Karthuin, those parts not signed away to Lord Davinorr Mantlerest. By 9/31 evening (same night Titus Wolfwalker is knighted again) town criers are announcing the Treaty of Stron in all of Ravakka, including Orides. Synnvol now has a kingdom independent of Ravakka right next to Orides. Night of 9/30 – Xoll falls to the coup. Carved up just as the section from my novel, see Xoll. Travosk is Lord of the Fith Ward in Xoll and king of North Ravakka. The feyries storm onto the scene in Xoll, and the Nexus of Death surges to reinforce all of Xoll’s territories. Allo takes over most of the imperial legions of Xoll, without a fight. He raised all the general’s pay. Kingscrest named heir of Nayonia, right after he defects with his legion. Jaskins of Baloria steps down, names Alvordis king. Alvordis leaves Kale in Law to oversee his new holdings there and arrives in the capitol of Baloria, renames it Kyv.
9/31 – Estarra Myst brings Xynndarra back. Emperor Narridus’ head is presented to a crowd assembled at the Fane of Blood.
From my recollection key dates were as follows
9/30 Lez spoke with dead on John Law. Threatened by female voice.
9/30 group met Sphinx got ships
Solomon dropped bombs on group in rdy room.
9/31-10/5 training aboard starships.
10/5 L & P are in oridies L’s ship gets stolen. L receives ass ripping from Vorland.
10/7-10/9 Val and Kull get gems cut and armorsmithing stuff taken care of. P calls a meeting with group. Group heads to Shendon to meet this Xyv. Meet Xyv find out he wants to know orders for the orcs.
10/10 we meet with Xyv again give him the info on orcs collect 1000gp
10/13 arrive in Xoll set up meeting with Cyn to return graysoul.
10/14-10/18 spend time in Xoll library each member of group gathering info or spells on their private studies.
10/19 3am finally meet with Cyn after a meal and what started as a friendly conversation that ended very abruptly graysoul is returned L recieves 8k gems.
10/19 sell gems find Kill armor. Return to P’s ship locate green dragon. Commence on destroy dragon mission (mission complete)
Locate 26 Hill giants. Group returns to own ships. End of session.

10/19 – session end. We need to fill in the gaps. I have a lot of work to do. The PCs with ships will be receiving a lot of training. I took 0 notes during the session. Valrin, Kullin, Sol, P, Lez get a scout class ship. From this date forward Ailia Sphynx gets more serious that the PCs are to learn how to properly use their ships. It’s going to take a while to adjust to solo captaining these little starships. C, I orders ship lookdown and Ailia trains everyone who got one of the sixteen given away. Lots of time will be passing.
10/20 Braxwor nukes Necros with three missiles, “Kyv” with one. Exit Alvordis. C, I promptly collects all the scouts’ nukes. Most “responsible” rulers not happy w/ Brax on that one. Many Balorians demolished. Brax is tickled pink. And he still has his ship.
Each PC got one, J’C got one, Steelheart, Luré’Llasalla, Glimmerdin, Inda Graybreeze, Allo, Magdon, Flairra, Iccitha, Queen of Celestra, Xyv. Flairra & Iccitha can’t command the ships personally, they would slowly destroy them by their mere presence. Daiyu gets Flairra’s, Mosaini becomes Lord of Darkenwood. Lysaia gets Iccitha’s.
10/22 – Braxwor announces over the comm that he is not sorry one bit for “bombing” Necros and the face of Alvordis. He will chuckle.
10/25 Inda Graybreeze unleashes his lasers on the trolls of Zolgus. Then he stops as suddenly as he started.
10/26 – Brax and Luré’Llasalla unleash their cannons on the remnants of Alvordis’ expeditionary army that had congregated in the mountains in northern Baloria. Magdon, Lysaia, Daiyu go in standoff with them. Ili Vorland orders everyone new w/ a ship off Earth lest the captains lose their vessels. She spearheads radiation cleanup.

So this leaves 7 days or so for any of you to quickly interact around on the planet before being ordered off it. I don’t recall if some of you still have hulls loaded with ore and shite or not.
After the order to stay the eff off of Earth, the training really takes off. Ailia Sphynx is training the PCs + Xyv.
11/01 – has the first dinner w/ the PCs + Xyv aboard her ship. Lezarous and Prism swept away for their time fun stuff then nearly immediately returned to the exact point in time that they left. Ailia executes the Feyzura trap. Jerry Luckspree meets the group, discusses the ship situation, it’s decided to have C, I collect all the old scout ships but one, Aura’s Kiss, still in PC control. Luckspree learns a bit about Zhazran, recommends the raid on Eisrik Tower, to be followed by Ne’Vu / Kenston assistance.
11/02 – camped out on Aura’s Kiss. All other ships confiscated by C, I. PCs arrive in Jusanne. Lots of shopping, PCs stay at The Setting Sun inn/tavern. Kassimo approaches the group, curious of Solaufein, and has a chat. Later Lezarous pieces together who he is, servant of Velimé.
11/03 – Lez talks w/ Freyja about the situation. Kassimo meets the group again, and they are scried upon. Talk doesn’t last long, Kassimo gets out.
11/04 – Sending to Zhazran. J’C shows up furious about losing the ship, informs Lezarous in a couple of weeks he’ll be calling upon him for a quest.
11/05 – Sending to Zhazran again. He leaves for Jusanne. Reece gives group tour of the Eisrik estate.
11/07 – Early A.M., shadowwalk to speed up Zhazran’s arrival.
11/08 – morning, PCs + the Eisrik brothers discuss plans.
11/09 – Raid on the Eisrik tower. Tamra Eisrik the lich defeated. Reece Eisrik slain by Lezarous, and his hired guard Galen Grillsbar was slain by both Prism and Lezarous. Zhazran, Valrin, Solaufein witnessed the murders. In the wake of the murders of Gabriel “Reece” Eisrik and Galen Grillsbar, while Zhazran and Solaufein travel to the Seat of the Sun, Sol reaches out to Aura and Dawn, sparking a complex chain reaction of events. Zhazran and Sol turn themselves in to the Seat of the Sun, who by divine compulsion were then mustering to go detain everyone at Eisrik Estate. Zhazran and Sol were placed in spartan, unused acolyte quarters within the temple. Aura sends SoA to detain Prism, Valrin, and Lezarous ahead of the Rhithain folk. Prism resisted, albeit futilely. SoA brings group to Seat of the Sun, they are placed in the dungeon, and asked to individually write their version of events, just as Zhazran and Sol did prior. Aura clues Jerry Luckspree and Freyja into what’s crackalackin. Zhazran tried to inform Xu’Dann of the state of things, and then does the same to J’Chyoora’Ukwa. J’C, unwilling to let his Chosen’s fate be determined by the Seat and willing enough to bring battle to Jusanne, shows up via dimensional fold with some elite Drakdann warrior-priests and start laying waste to everything in sight in the courtyard of the temple-fortress. SoA, some Randoths (including Yordan and Landon), and the rest of the Seat of the Sun call to battle and engage in the courtyard.

Luckspree shows off some of the vast tricks up his sleeve and prison-breaks the group while the battle goes down, ending with Freyja showing up with top-end killbots that promptly destroy all invaders including J’C, but not before Yordan Randoth (among many other unmentionables) met his end by J’C. The battle happened at app. midnight moving into 11/10. Jerry’s special magic shrooms are consumed, Alice in Wonderland fu, word of recalls with the tiny adventuring group in his pockets to his special extra-dimensional magic astral traveling space palace orbiting Earth. Some high drama b/w the PCs and Zhazran proceeded, followed by much-needed sleep. That evening Jerry orchestrates a dinner. Valrin, Prism, Lezarous, Solaufein, Aziza, Freyja, Zhazran, Jerry, combo. A very sour SoA returns gear, in addition to much of the magical loot attained from Eisrik Tower, informs Lezarous and Zhazran they are exiled from both Saradynn and Luna. SoA and Freyja combed through Eisrik Tower previously that day and found the hidden lich phylactery, and the estate itself with all accompanying remaining wealth entailed was handed over to the Seat of the Sun, with a small portion of the proceeds to go to the Grillsbar family. It is decided by the PCs + Zhazran that Tamra’s phylactery certainly needs to be destroyed, though Freyja devil-advocated that he may not have have been an “evil” lich in the first place. Aziza initiated an orgy b/w Jerry, Zhazran, Solaufein, Freyja, herself, just after Valrin turned in for the night and as Sol was attempting to do the same. A very disgusted, intoxicated Prism left before the orgy came to any real fruition. Much cumming came to fruition. So that happened.

11/14 – The previous days are hanging out at Luckspree’s. Prism has severely long talks with Zhazran and Freyja. Aziza leaves. Valrin pen pals Braxwor, is getting clued in on really key shit. Lezarous has a mind to walkabout and intends to do so asap. Items are cleansed about 16 hours a day by Zhazran and Sol. Items to be done and divvied by 11/17.

About here is where the FB and OP RP stuff happened ad nausea, followed by the many month hiatus.

11/17 – Lorrgrok reaches out to Lez, noonish. Lez, P, and Zhazran have Jerry take them away from his mansion. Then the trio meet up with Lorr, Vormaak, and Shavakka, the latter getting off to a rocky start with P. Lez picks up Xu’Dann again.
11/18 – early afternoon, they all assemble and meet with Synnvol. Zhazran stays in Xoll working for Synnvol. Rest of group kills Gorn and Horyk Noujin in Kenston in a pre-arranged deal that leaves Lorrgrok and Jakuma in charge, instead of Horyk and Jakuma, which were the last remainders of the Crimson Council there, the others killed or driven off in the post-Drovozar aftershocks. A party is thrown.
11/19 – Lez goes to Orides, then Vandorn. Annaverra arranged a sit-down b/w King Shaldor and Lezarous. Shaldor hates all the muckity muck. Offered Lez a seat on his small council, declined. Lez encouraged him to reach out to Synnvol personally. Zhazran starts working for Synnvol. Lorrgrok purchases The Silver Cherry in Kenston, a large inn/tavern located off of the town square, and makes that his northern HQ.
11/20 – Lez and P shift over to The Silver Cherry. Balen, the retained bouncer, chats it up with Lez and P. L, P, Vormaak, Shavakka dim. fold to Xoll. They arrange a large purchase from Cherry Sally, intoxicants and 3 slaves. P dominates Shavakka. Later, P & Vormaak hang out at The Crystal Palace. She meets Iymy.
11/21 – Xoll hang-out, component and magical item search.
11/22 – Afternoon, head back to Kenston. P and L meet their new slaves gifted to them by Lorrgrok, the Gallagher twins.
11/23 – Big meeting arranged by Lorrgrok. Early in the day, Magdon’s crew arrives. Later, Krovak, his wife, Zumuki, and Balgruusk arrive. Then Iymy, Synnvol arrive with some of his guards, along with Tramus Newcastle. Synnvol absolves Lez of the task of conquering Saradynn and floats some possible rewards if he is successful in uniting/delivering the Vrakdann. Iymy is tasked to help them in this, primarily by taking them to the Jaqmoori. Synnvol gifts Lez an ivory scrollcase with some slick maps of the north and a 70 year old book (also containing a slick map of the Vrakdanni lands) detailing the western savage orcs. After the meeting, group goes to Orides. Lez sets the Gallaghers up in an Orides apartment, paid through the year, and gives them some coin. He tasks them to gather all the info they can on the political scene in Orides. Iymy spends like a holy terror in the Bliss, all 250g Lez paid her for her magical item hunting efforts. Lez and P get clued in to Heath being kidnapped by demons.
11/25 – group (Lez, P, Vormaak, Shavakka, Iymy) returns to Kenston. They fold to Celestra. Iymy leaves to inform the Queen. Group is traveling north along the western border of Celestra.
11/27 – Werewolf attack. Lez avoided contracting lycanthropy with a fate point.
11/28 – early morning, the gnolls are fleeing the wyverns. Lez’ fire elemental sets the forest ablaze.
11/30 – night – orc raiding party.
11/31 – Feast of the Moon. P catches sight of a unicorn.
12/1 – Early in the day they reach Twilight Pass, where 12 hill giants are mucking about. Handled readily enough with P’s firepower making it cakewalk. Later that day, 6 wyverns attack. At night, 9 treants, out for blood for the “invaders” that caused the forest fire, who in turn animate 18 more large trees into treants. What almost assuredly should have been a defeat for the group, as P was mostly spell drained, is turned into a epic fight as Lez managed to summoned a fire efreeti. Circled up blade barrier + circled up wall of fire save the day. 6 treants downed, ten of their beefy animated trees downed before Iymy finally arrives and in distress makes peace. Very hardcore fight. 96k xp off the treant encounter alone, the third random encounter on the day.
12/2 – Rest up, spell up, camped out on the east side of the Twilight Pass. Iymy leaves to notify the Jaqmoori of their impending company.
12/3 – Traveling through the pass to the Jaqmoori, 6 more wyverns downed. That night Iymy returns. Shavakka’s domination by P ends. Session end.
12/4 – wild dogs trail them for a while, nothing comes of it.
12/5 – At night, snowstorm. Synnvol summons Lez. Loans him the Punisher. Lez takes a glance at his potential future house.
12/6 – Iymy returns in the late afternoon.
12/8 – Brown bear. Gets missiled, but it gets away. Vormaak unhappy. Fresh meat, not to be.
12/9 – reach the centaur rendezvous point.
12/10 – 12/13 – Jaqquwa guides them south. Lez starts training Jaqquwa in R/W Zarran after they have a chat about his manual.
12/14 – around 3:00 P.M., they reach the troll lair, crushed them. Sh. & Vor realize what Lez is wielding (Vor fled in terror).
12/15 – They proceed south.
12/16 – 5 wyverns, 4 slain.
12/19 – reach the coast. They proceed to raise hell and keep a bonfire going to attract wyverns at the centaurs’ behest. 5 more wyverns, 4 killed. Then 2 more, 2 killed.
12/20 – 5 trolls, later 3 wyverns.
12/21 – 11 A.M. – Iyxylaava, a young (age cat 3, 22 years old) mist dragon flies overhead, being chased down by wyverns. She nearly is slain, but the group (Lez, Prism, Vormaak, Shavakka, Jaquwwa, Iymy) saves her. She is grateful, promises to come back with a reward. By that evening, she does indeed return. Gives them 400 gp, a rod of rulership (11 charges), and a green spinel (400gp).
12/22 – Group goes back to Kenston @ The Silver Cherry. Infested with orcs. Lez goes to get armor and shield. Happy day. Lez returns to group, gives Vormaak the plate +2, Shavakka the +3 sword as well as 2 masterwork long swords. Session end.
12/23 – Fold back to Twilight Pass, group traveling exclusively by fly spells, going north to Amber’s abode. P teleports to Jusanne for a meeting with Zhazran. He informs her that Synnvol plans on making him Chancellor of Saradynn in the future.
12/24 – More flight north.
12/25 – Vex attacks group, it’s a draw. Lash contacts P and invites her to the 9th Ward in the middle of the fight w/ a sending spell from his brother. Shortly after, P separates from group a ways to try to commune with Feyzura, Vex ambushes her, downs her, word of recalls away with her under heavy missile fire from Iymy. Vex turns P vampiric, tells her she’ll want to know immediately about any contact with gods or Ancients (Dzarkhan’s family specifically), that Feyzura will want them to use the orc army otherwise than just handing it over to Synnvol.
12/26 – Big day in Xoll. Lezarous accepts the manor home from Synnvol as pre-payment on his Vrakdanni efforts. P purchases 2 slaves to feed on. Lez hires an accomplished smith, who will also be training the slaves in his trades. Forge addition construction commissioned. P & L go to the 9th Ward, meetLash, Brishan Lovel, and Aravella. L & P brought Aravella back for a short visit in their manor. Aravella was pleasant and weird as always. Informed them that b/c P was a V’G baby’s momma, he has an interest in her general well being, and that he tapped Aravella to look into it.
12/27 – early morning, Jaqquwa arrested after getting in a bar fight. Lez bailed him out. They go back to the wilds and continue north via flight. Finally arrive at Amber “West”‘s place. Met Furdukai, learn that the Weeping Tree is ill. Lazy Amber taps the group to investigate. The Tree is bringing in angry, hostile huge water elementals. Jaqquwa & Iymy stay with Amber and get high as kites. Rest of them spelunk, kill 3 elementals and 8 large hook horrors. Session ended after hook horror fight, group still in caves.
12/28 – Early A.M.s they run into the G’C expedition including Tuaza. They beat the dog piss out of them. Tuaza got away with the consumption crystal, Yurah and Gladgan got away on foot. They were the only three survivors of the G’C out of the 27. Then group goes back to Xoll. Belos joins Lezarous as henchman. Sundown, P accidentally kills Abdu the weirdo while feeding on him. They meet Kryssivé (Kryssy) Eversong. Iymy and P have a little tiff, Iymy leaves all pissy. Kryssy encounter didn’t go well either. Group heads back to Amber’s.
12/29 – Z and P sort of break it off, as P won’t turn Z. Remaining water elementals finished off @ Amber’s. Iymy talks P into making her a vampire, but goes back on it at the last second. It was just a test. Iymy considers P a very dear friend now.
12/30 – Amber takes group to meet Grumsk.
1/1/799 – Back to Celestran Hills. Change of plans (flying > land travel), back to Xoll.
1/2 – Lez reflecting pooled on the mist dragon a 2nd time, who detected it this time, but he didn’t get a good sense of anything other than that it was still alive (this in light of Synnvol’s offer of 30,000 gp if he could deliver the dragon alive). Lez, P, V, Sh, Belos, Amber, Iymy conquer Glory Throne (Lez defeated Huudthuul in epicly close fight in a challenge for the High Warlord spot). Vormaak shows some promise as Lez’ herald. Gromvorr, younger brother of Huudthuul, who fell victim to the Punisher’s magic, helped Lez out in securing short term obedience/loyalty from Glory Throne. Lez gets word out that laws and properties will remain as before, for now.
1/3 – Xoll again (they’re going back and forth every day via DF). Scout out Mindshatter capitol for DF.
1/4 – in Xoll, meet Kryssy again, who was lurking around on their property. She’s having a hard time being vampiric. Turbak buys another slave for P, the murderer of slaves. Back to Vrakdann — they subjugate Mindshatter (Huudthuul slew Igzpoz, Lezarous bested a warlord), not according to plan but effective. Huudthuul stays to keep Mindshatter under the boot (he requested and was granted First Warlord position by Lezarous in the wake of his ending Igspoz), Iymy and P go to Xoll, Lez scouts out the Foereaver capitol.
1/5 – Just after sunup Lez reaches Foereaver capitol then DF’s back to group. They all go back and challenge Rakduun. They are welcomed as guests. Lez is poisoned. They accuse Larath, who immediately battles Lez. Pretty epic fight, but Larath concedes, and Rakduun submits to Lezarous if he agrees to drop the accusation against his sister. Lez commands them move their army out and goes back to Mindshatter capitol. P and Iymy back in Xoll. Session end.
1/5 – Lorrgrok & co. seek out P, get her to turn the dying Zumuki for 100k gp. New session. Start right when Lez gets back to Mindshatter and Huudthuul, and he learns that the plague has already hit.
1/6 – PCs still split up. Lez is @ Glory Throne capitol, being wrecked by plague. Huudthuul tries to quarantine. They left Vormaak in charge of Mindshatter. Lez ends up back in Xoll and leaves Belos there. Then talks to P, then has a talk with Synnvol. Lez heads to Foereaver capitol, sees that it’s flying Blood Dawn colors. Lez slays a few bitch warlords, regains Foereaver, leaves a nobody soldier in charge, tries to track down the fled Rakduun, fails to find him over the next few days.
1/9 – Dawn, Lez DFs to Mindshatter capitol. Big ol’ battle. No fun. Dregu, Jukraas both killed, respective high warlords that rebelled against Lez. Two additional warlords from both FR and MS slain by Lez. Despite things rather going poorly for Lez as far as fast consolidation of orcs, he’s fast become a living legend among the Vrakdaani in his fighting abilities.
1/10 – still dark, Lez folds to Kenston, doesn’t run into anyone key. Leaves note for Lorrgrok. Lez back to Glory Throne. Gromvorr has GT, Huudthuul goes back to MS, Lez goes to Foereaver. The choad he left in charge has been killed, but they are still loyal to Lez. Rakduun spied on, still heading north along the coast.

1/5: P was paid to turn Zumuki.

1/6: Heads to 9th Ward. Meets Jura the street smart. Seeks out Lash. Finds hims, talks a bit, discovers Kryssy has attached herself to him and is acting like his lover. After, she teleports to Lenrow/The Raining Rainbow. Phaerus not there, learns he is in the capitol. Learns that Zhazran has been appointed Chancellor in the wake of the queen’s death. Returns to Xoll. Flies over to The Crystal Palace. Not much is going on there. Rather dead. Sherlyxia is there. Long, long talk. Learns a lot of metashit.

1/7: Sending to Lez. Talks w/ the grumpy Belos. Goes to Crystal Palace again. Meets Tyden the barkeep. Intelligent, witty, charismatic/friendly/charming, good looking, mid 20s, half black, fairly muscular, human. P gets to know him a bit, spends most of the night (another slow night at the Palace — blamed on the plague) chatting with him.

1/8: Just shy of midnight, Iymy teleports to the manor, frantic and out of breath. Slavers! miniquest goes down.

1/12 – Lez commissions big chest to be made. Identifies gear. Sells gear.
1/13 – Synnvol back in town. He’s distressed and in a brown study, but holding up well (for now). He offers Lez recusation of the Vrakdanni mission, which Lez accepts. Then they promptly assassinate Huudthuul (P, Lez, Belos). Return to Xoll.
1/14 – Lhane shows up around midnight rolling into … Lez reaches out to Annaverra.
1/15 – Mucking about.
1/16 – Inevitably, more mucking. Vex drops in for a visit.
1/17 – Lezarous leaves on his unfantastic voyage (IRL he’s working out of state). P visits Ravenwing in Jusanne. He is beyond aloof and suspicious. Asks her to return tomorrow at a ritzy tavern he likes, in public.
1/18 lez left. Shaldor, Annaverra, Voz, Daoma got clued in via Lez on the invasion.
1/19 – Seth-ra. Deal made for girdle. Lez gained some notoriety as Drovozar slayer in Seth-ra, and became guest of Silvereye clan. Said clan plans w/ Lezarous to roll out to slay the hill giant king.
1/20 – Lez is guest of the Silvereyes.
1/21 – Lez + Seth-ra hardasses leave for giant slaying expedition.
2/1 – Lez + 36 Seth-ra + Red Thadan kill the giant king. 1 thadan died.
2/4 – Seth-ra thadan + Lez in Xoll for identifying. Lez learns from library headmaster a bit about Ratlen’s story + Blade of Charnotria. Lez meets Venla and then Ratlen. Lez folds up in on Daiyu that night, seeking a way to get hands on blade. They wind up fucking. Daiyu conceives.
2/5 – Lez goes to Seth-ra and orders another belt made for Daiyu. That evening Lez gets back home. He runs into Vex right as he arrives at the manor.

1/18 – P returns to chat it up with Ravenwing at length. Then contacts Phaerus via sending, arranges to meet him the next day.
1/19 – P talks to Phaerus at length in Lenrow. Discovers once again he is Lord of Lenrow on this timeline.
1/20 – Shy of midnight, Jyrula, Irene, with an orc escort including Ghorzia, bust in on P. Ghorzia leaves with P saying she’ll soon reach out w/ a sending spell for their chat. Her E.S.P. let her know that Ghorzia knows that she turned the Scion. Jyrula proposes to P to burgle the Ebernus estate.
1/21 – Midnightish, P and Jy case the Ebernus estate. Plans coalesce.
1/22 – Burgling. Went well. Stuff sold. 12k profit a piece. Jy told P of Iymy’s plot.
1/23 – Iymy arrives at Prism’s house, seriously looking like a corpse, bitemarks riddling her body, requesting a heal. She conveys to Prism her plan to be her Whip. Meetup scheduled for the 25th.
1/24 – P meets with Ghorzia for a talk. It goes well. Sending to Muki, then P teleports to Kenston to chat it up with Muki.
1/25 – Entourage meetup at manor.
1/26 – Entourage pt. II w/ drugs.
1/27 – Iymy goes cray cray on Liandras. Zhazran and Ellarie arrive, Z poofs away.
1/28 – P through entourage buys pony & clothes for her daughter. Ellarie gets the upper hand in manipulating P and being her own boss.
1/29 – Early A.M., Kyumi & co. arrive.
1/30 – Ghorzia comes over, spends time with Ellarie. Prism hires her. 75g/month.

Allo unveils the city’s new bi-monthly newspaper, Worldwatcher. It’s distributed all over the city. In the first edition it is announced that Xoll will be upgrading the entire city with plumbing and even heated water by year’s end, at the city’s expense. Xoll is instituting free kitchens to serve the public. The Fanes will be closed all year due to concerns with the plague. Lady Venla is offering a gold piece for any corpse delivered to them that is fresh, five silver for a mostly whole corpse, a silver piece for partial remains. Testing for the plague is available at all of the churches, at the city’s expense. People found guilty of inciting riot will be tortured for a year then handed over to Venla, and all of their children sold into slavery, and all of their property forfeit to the city. Finally, any newly founded, registered church can ignore property taxes for a decade. It goes on to talk about the recent riots, names the ringleaders and states their sentences, aforementioned. It contains an editorial about the perseverance of humanity, and mentions many other troubled times, such as the Age of Chaos and the collapse of the Zarran Empire, and notes how much good came out of so much bad ultimately. A very inspiring, well-written piece.

1/31 – Party at the Crystal Palace. P and Jevyké do their thing, he offers her something interesting. Liandras has issues with homosexuality @ the party.

1/30 – Allo unveils the city’s new bi-monthly newspaper, Worldwatcher. It’s distributed all over the city. In the first edition it is announced that Xoll will be upgrading the entire city with plumbing and even heated water by year’s end, at the city’s expense. Xoll is instituting free kitchens to serve the public. The Fanes will be closed all year due to concerns with the plague. Lady Venla is offering a gold piece for any corpse delivered to them that is fresh, five silver for a mostly whole corpse, a silver piece for partial remains. Testing for the plague is available at all of the churches, at the city’s expense. People found guilty of inciting riot will be tortured for a year then handed over to Venla, and all of their children sold into slavery, and all of their property forfeit to the city. Finally, any newly founded, registered church can ignore property taxes for a decade.

1/31 – Deadwinter Day, big party at the Crystal Palace. Kyumi will want to let P have her elf and she keeps Wolf. She’ll ask for Iymy for the night (for the River Queen), and Wolf for all of Alturiak, in exchange for buying Alys from Ovwic for P.

2/1 – Alys shows up, now “belonging to Prism.” Belos comes around, looking for Lez — will let P know that he’s interested in trying to train some 9th Warders on the forge, including his own replacement as permanent smith resident. He’d like to build his own apartment on their property. If they allow him to do so, he’ll make sure 4 competent guards are stationed at all times on the property, and let them know that ultimately he will want his own place, and once he’s ready to move on whatever he adds to it can be theirs in lieu of rent payment also.

2/5 – Around noon an invitation to court arrives for P from King Holkan. Vex is there as Lez rolls on home, fresh off a bloody kill and in good spirits. She gives warning that soon their souls will be needed for linking the parallels. Inquires as to what’s up w/ P. Tells her that the gods will be needing her and her time traveling soul for something important. Chats it up with Ellarie. P informs Ghorzia a bit about the whole Vex nonsense.

2/6 – P, Iymy, Irene, Alys port out to Jusanne. They meet with Holen. Holen has P write a letter, an account of the hooplah that resulted in the exile of Lez and Zhaz. Alys really hits it off w/ the king, she and Iymy stay behind to get freaky w/ the king. While malingering in the grand hall, chatting w/ the ambassador from Nayonia, Zhazran (after plowing across the hallway not noticing anything), notices Prism and the ambassador. He sends out the ambassador, then asked Prism her business. When shown the invitation, he tossed it, and left. Irene and P port back to Xoll. Previous, Ghorzia had a little chat w/ Lez, they met finally. P and Lez finally hash it out and catch up a bit.

2/7 – Iymy is waiting on P when she wakes up, has some juicy info about Saradynn. Tells her about Zhazran, Avyrla, and that she thinks Holen loves her. Tells her Justinary is close to rebellion. Seat of the Sun not pleased w/ Holen’s rule, and not pleased that Avyrla has become close to Zhazran, the former exile and perceived puppet of Synnvol.

2/8 – 10. A.M. Phaerus realizes he has the plague. He hauls off by carriage to Jusanne immediately, and pays a buttload to have Ravenwing use a sending spell to Prism: “I need to speak with you immediately. In Jusanne, in carriage at the corner of Sunswept and South East. Emergency. Emergency. Emergency.” It arrives to P @ 1 A.M. on…

2/9. Phaerus has a handful of cloaked soldiers guarding the carriage. He will then try to get P to turn him. P will notice a raven (har har) chilling in a tree nearby as all this goes down. P turns Phaerus. Phaerus feasts on Iymy, in more ways than one. A raven saw it all go down, and P noted the raven before returning to Xoll.

2/10 – Belos comes back to try to talk to Lez. Lez agrees to let Belos bring the extra 12 from the 9th Ward to build a barracks, serve as guards, and work in the forge. The identification is done for Lez — > /helmet. Prior to Belos talk, Lez brings thadan back to Seth-ra, has a meal w/ the Silvereye clan. He confesses his faith to him, which was accepted as well as could be expected, but did create a bit of frostiness. Nevertheless, they gifted Lez a platinum gilded iron, ruby-bejeweled flagon in appreciation for his anti-hill giant efforts.

2/11 – P ports to Lenrow. Long talk w/ Phaerus. They agree to go back to Holen’s court tomorrow.

2/12 – Phaerus, Lez, and P go to Holen’s court in Jusanne. They get in as a grand feast is going down. Phaerus has a chat w/ the king. Avyrla is seen being a bit cold to Zhazran. Randoth gets a message, then has a quick council w/ the king. Afterward, Holen announces war against Justinary, which is officially in open rebellion.

2/13 – Gods are back in business as of 8 A.M. 5 P.M. — Sealed letter from Lysaia arrives for Lezarous. “Daiyu killed Shaldor. She is staying at Fortress Firestorm indefinitely in case of war or assassination attempts.” At 8 P.M. Synnvol will collect P and L and bring them to the Hall of the Gods. Does his ritual. System shocks. Then the Destroyers x 24 roll in w/ the wee one with a greater anti-magic shell and cut loose on the gods. P fills Ghorzia in on the metastory.

2/14 – Lez distributes his map given by, he thinks, Aura, to Daiyu, Synnvol, Silvereyes (Seth-ra).

2/15 - Aliens land. The pink crystal will go off.

2/17 – Necros unleashes hell on the isthmus on a dark and rainy night, unseasonably warm, including Xoll. Necros conquers Narith, Tiavin, Oligoth, N. Neuros, S. Neuros, Counton, Leinerkov, Deverynn, Itha, Jeverdynn, Riccarton, Dockgate, Gathis, Hacertoll, Arles, Koshia, and Tothany. Xoll is invaded, but Venla pulled a Lu Bu, and the invasion fizzled. A few large swaths of Xoll burn, mostly stretches in the 7th and 8th Wards.

2/18 – Lez and P focus on getting spells back.

2/19 – Lez checks in on Seth-ra. Army still out. P checks in w/ Phaerus and Iymy via sending.

2/20 – Lez scries on Silvereye (marching w/ Seth-ra south), scries on Daiyu (sees Jezraelle, Daiyu, Darkenlord, 3 Synnvol orcs conferencing it up). L leaves word to P that he left to join Seth-ra’s army. Then folds on up in Castle Vandorn’s courtyard. Lez then folds to join Seth-ra army.

2/21 – Xoll’s armies return. P learns L’G was possessed by aliens from Lhane, learns which gods are on timeline 2. P clues Lez in. P goes to Crystal Palace. Kyumi not there. Left Kyumi a message, “I would like to speak w/ you. I have some information on the aliens.”

2/22 – Seth-ra reaches aliens. This is the start of the one-night solo session of Prism. Lezarous is marching w/ Seth-ra’s armies to meet the alien force that landed south of the Gravas.

3/1 – P owes her employees…

1/8 – *
1/16 – ****
1/19 – ******
2/13 – * (all bets are off, speaking of the gods)
2/15 – *
2/26- *
****(yashytra)—→(Lezarous: 2 on luck check)

Time is running out………..

See also: Adventure log of Solomon.


DM forgot to enlighten you lez crit dragon twice in the first and only round. I now agree dragons are pretty gimp in 2nd Ed

Timeline Parallel 2

Now, what is going on here…am I even in this timeline?

Timeline Parallel 2

You will be once you make a session. The Sword of Aura dealt with Aziza with extreme prejudice, the latter had apparently been a very naughty girl. She gave Prism the option of a new parallel, and she took it. In the new one Freyja has arrived with a ship, cleared the air a bit, and is helping the group out for the time being.

Timeline Parallel 2

Ooookay, I think I may ret-con all this and push everything that happened up a month. As in arrival in new timeline was on 9/5/798. It will work better with a few ideas I had.

Timeline Parallel 2

From my recollection key dates were as follows
9/30 Lez spoke with dead on John Law. Threatened by female voice.
9/30 group met Sphinx got ships
Solomon dropped bombs on group in rdy room.
9/31-10/5 training aboard starships.
10/5 L & P are in oridies L’s ship gets stolen. L receives ass ripping from Vorland.
10/7-10/9 Val and Kull get gems cut and armorsmithing stuff taken care of. P calls a meeting with group. Group heads to Shendon to meet this Xyv. Meet Xyv find out he wants to know orders for the orcs.
10/10 we meet with Xyv again give him the info on orcs collect 1000gp
10/13 arrive in Xoll set up meeting with Cyn to return graysoul.
10/14-10/18 spend time in Xoll library each member of group gathering info or spells on their private studies.
10/19 3am finally meet with Cyn after a meal and what started as a friendly conversation that ended very abruptly graysoul is returned L recieves 8k gems.
10/19 sell gems find Kill armor. Return to P’s ship locate green dragon. Commence on destroy dragon mission (mission complete)
Locate 26 Hill giants. Group returns to own ships. End of session.

Timeline Parallel 2

Wasn’t a month skipped during this time, somewhere? I thought you said you wanted to skip 30 days, and we all went for it? And Lezarous and Prism were bored on their ships during that time? That’s when I was doing the daily messages at noon to try to touch base with everyone that I felt I had done wrong (other than the prostitute…I may go try to find her, next session.)

Timeline Parallel 2

There was talk of flat out skipping time, but everyone kept thinking of stuff they wanted to do. Which that’s cool, Braxwor did too. Now we’re going to skip serious time into the next year, but I want everyone to feel they have had the chance to have any key conversation they think they should be having, either b/w PCs or with Xyv or Ailia.

Timeline Parallel 2

Cullin and I have a shitload of ore (mostly copper, some decent stone, and about a ton of iron ore) in our holds.

Timeline Parallel 2

I haven’t forgotten about it, but it definitely needs to be kept in mind on this Saturday for sure.

Timeline Parallel 2

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