Timeline Parallel 1

Timelocked to 798.

Following what happens below and the C, I interdimensional multiverse war, Magdon sets in motion a plan that will let him essentially be top dog of Earth. [update: except it didn’t go according to plan, and Ghost Viper wound up stranded and abandoned on alt. timeline 2]

08/24/798 – Lezarous and Prism butcher Lord Millcroft and Capt. Rylock of Lenrow.
08/26/798 – Bjorn and Andril meet up with Prism and Lezarous. Sharcella receives letter from Phaerus, she appoints him the new Lord of Lenrow.
08/29/798 – Slaughter Carnival (Lezarous kills the Lord of Kilverton, takes The Purifier).
09/05/798 – Lezarous throws down in The Black Flame in Orides, Glendar surrenders.
09/06/798 – Lord Whiteward imprisons Lezarous.
09/08/798 – Annaverra gets Lezarous out of prison, E.S.P. fu.
09/10/798 – Lezarous helps Derrik Swiftblade, paladin of Rhithain, mop up on his mission of justice.
09/12/798 – Lezarous turns The Purifier over to Queen Sharcella, she rewards him piddly 500 pp.
09/19/798 – Kullin and Prism throw fake platinum coins around Vandorn like bosses.
09/27/798 – Two Darkenbeast battles. Lezarous and Solomon die. Daryv and Kullin save Prism and some gear of the dead.
09/28-09/31 – Dicked on time. Some time @ Giger Tolovich’s cabin. Kullin earns a point in Giger’s book.

10/02/798 – Peldor Whiteward leaves for Brellcove immediately. He turned down the lordship of Orides, convincing Shaldor instead to name him Lord of Karthuin. Annaverra is named Lord of Orides. Mirae and Prism slink off together.
10/04/798 – Mirae goes to Xoll. Peldor arrives in Goldfork and commissions workers and an architect to head to Brellcove with his force.
10/05/798 – Top secret assassinations in Jusanne.
10/06/798 – Peldor Whiteward, 8 knights, 80 soldiers, and the workers arrive in Brellcove. Immediate work begins on a log longhouse & palisade, the temporary HQ of Peldor.
10/10/798 – Phaerus Mousalle arrives in Orides. Wheels and deals with Voz/Annaverra.
10/11/798 – Jourandis arrives.
10/13/798 – Jourandis, Prism, Mirae, and Aziza slay Drovozar, easily.
10/18/798 – Travosk Synnvol’s soldiers x258 arrive in Brellcove for Peldor to command temporarily.
10/22/798 – Valrin Hearthstone arrives.
10/24/798 – Blood bath in Kenston. Two of the Crimson Council killed, another imprisoned, Jacob Greengrass assimilated. Solomon dies. Demon fucks over town, all fingers point to Crimson Councilman Jakuma of Sekella. All remaining lords get the fuck out of Dodge, apparently, leaving the harbor almost empty.
10/26?/798 – Magdon and his running crew arrive in Kenston in the early A.M. in the wake of the party at Jacob Greengrass’ manor. Lezarous and Prism were informed that Valrin and Kullin have been taken prisoner to bolster the negotiating position of Magdon & co., who have heard that Valrin & co. will intend on ending the slave the trade. Magdon & co. siphon quite a lot of cash from said trade, and have no intention of allowing it to cease. Magdon quickly absconds to Prism’s room, they do blow and screw. Meanwhile talk quickly deteriorates with Lezarous, who in typical fashion is not showing what the others considered due deference, and the very dark-skinned half orc warrior Gorsha duels Lezarous. Lezarous dies in the streets outside of Greengrass Manor. Upstairs, Magdon overhears Aziza over the communicator and makes his presence known to Aziza. Aziza freaks out. Prism winds back up on the Ghost Viper, Lezarous is resurrected, only for them to be cast off the ship by Aziza. Ultimately the Sword of Aura makes an appearance to Lez and Prism, with Aziza’s head, making it clear that Aziza had not been doing what she was supposed to do. Gave Prism the option of going to another parallel dimension. Prism decided to do so.

Afterthoughts: Aziza wanted to machinate it so that all armies in the region were fielded at once in preparation of an alien invasion that had zero chance of making it to Earth, and then destroy them all. See what Earth would be like with military power across the board flat out wrecked. Not just to cause chaos, or death, but to try to topple all the old power structures and perhaps usher in a kind of global revolution. And it should have been more epic of RP as Lez and then the group got clued in that her whole plan was a deception of sorts, with that vital tidbit just essentially getting ignored by the PCs being by far my greatest disappointment throughout the whole of the time spent on that parallel.

Further, really the Magdon situation seemed awful on the surface, but it didn’t necessarily have to be. He may or may not have tried to steal Ghost Viper, which is why Aziza panicked at first, but if all cards were played right he could have been brought on board to her plan even knowing the truth of it. Valrin got quite clued in that everyone’s impression of Magdon were unfounded if not blatantly off mark. And even if he had stolen Ghost Viper, it likely would have sucked for Aziza, but Magdon would have been eager for a few good men to clue him on the fancy smancy high tech stuff. Bet your asses that you players would have had some fun sessions crewing Ghost Viper with Magdon in the captain’s chair.

Aziza’s master plan, brilliant as it was, thorough as it was, had almost no chance of working, at least not to any high degree of success. It did however introduce players new to my Earth setting information of who the movers and shakers of the planet were. And if it hadn’t have been abandoned so quickly it would have afforded the PCs to actually start meeting and interacting with said movers and shakers.

The reason it had a high chance of failing would have been the Nexus of Death and especially Alvordis. If the plan had been implemented up close to its climax the potential RP involving Alvordis was something I was greatly looking forward to.

Oh well. Timeline Parallel 2 has been pretty damn fun so far, and certainly far more dramatic.


This is going to be invaluable.

Timeline Parallel 1

Yeah… Thing is, the players should really all have their own versions of this ongoing as well.

Timeline Parallel 1

I’m not sure if there’s a way to have player notes that are only visible for them, or not. I’d rather have it like that, and maybe the DM can see it, as well.

Timeline Parallel 1

Yeah having the option to make it secret to other players would be good. Perhaps write a brief letter to the admins here suggesting it? They seem pretty open to feedback.

Timeline Parallel 1

Looked into this a little just now. I can make a post and mark a “GM secret” that only players I select can see. However, the entry box for it is really small, which made me worried that it might have a character limit, though I didn’t see such marked. Regardless, I don’t intend on using it all that much. Steve, I created a separate, secret FB group w/ just you and me in it. We have some IC stuff to handle to get you up to speed.

Timeline Parallel 1

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