The Death of Braxwor Steelheart III

(Campaign date is held at 11-13-798 at the time of this writing)

The fast rundown is:

Braxwor is dying, and fast. The plague is let loose in the heart of the Fatherland. Braxwor is scrambling to burgeon a slick bureaucracy b/c he frankly knows he’s irreplaceable as head of state. He scrambles to get what he starts informally calling “The Alliance” (the Treaty of Stron signatories) to rapidly unite in offensive war against Necros and Xoll. He completes his will, is going to leave his uncle Ghandron Steelheart as regent-king until 01-01-830, at which time his eldest offspring (of two daughters) Kiki Steelheart takes the throne. If Ghandron should pass before 830, Ghandron’s younger brother Ghantrar is to take the throne, and so on (three more brothers).

Valrin’s story is what made him decide to break tradition and allow Kiki to one day become head of state. He saw the Planeswalker’s arrival as a portent, and determined that times they be a changing, and correctly assumed that his daughter is maybe not as bad of a candidate as he previously thought, knowing full well she is just wickedly progressive as far as Thadans go. He finally put his angst over his struggle over how badly he wanted Gretta, his youngest daughter, to be firstborn and therefore a culturally far more agreeable candidate to the throne. His one regret is not seeing his youngest daughter Gretta come of age. Kiki as his ultimate heir apparent is a deeply unpopular view in The Fatherland, but Braxwor is far, far too respected for his wishes to not be honored, now and forever.

His bold plan is to force his people to war, with or without any help from other countries, against Necros (and by default he correctly assumes Xoll as well). He knows that Necros is reeling from the sudden nuking of Alvordis and in extreme disarray, despite raw undead numbers being, total, astronomical.

He is going to commission Agazar to kill him in Xoll while on a diplomatic mission to meet with Zan, and frame Ratlen Precsley. Braxwor has a mind to die in battle, and use his death to galvanize the Alliance for offensive war.

Ratlen, quite by accident, now controls a major chunk of Alvordis’ army. The Firestorm Demons, led by Alvordis’ 2nd, Zamza Klauss (formerly under Lord Kale) had a role to play.

I’m thinking Brax wants Val in Xoll on 11/20 and that is when he will be killed.

Ratlen is a Ng vampire and his wife Sasha (not a vamp) loves the ever loving piss out of him. Ratlen is a scholar type (only as a hobby, but severely well read and knowledgeable) and grew up in Baloria, lives in Necros, was hanging out in Xoll when Alvordis took Baloran/Kyv. Alvordis summoned him to Kyv to help him machinate with/against the Balorian nobility and other power structures. Sasha, unknown to Ratlen, is actually a badass fighter and wielding The Blade of Charnotria.

While Ratlen and Sasha were en route to Kyv, with it being the next major stop, the nuke dropped on it. The caravan they were with turned their confused asses around and headed back to Fausol. They witnessed (by sound) the demon army and Zamza flying to Kyv at night from the Balorian Peaks. Two nights later, the demons were flying back with Zamza, Alvordis’ lewt safely in tow, when Zamza, for shits and giggles, ordered the attack on the caravan. He didn’t realize he had officially lost control of about half the demons. He didn’t expect to face a real danger in the likes of Sasha Charn.

The battle went poorly for Zamza. He lost his left arm (which forced him to lose his conduit to Flairra, oddly enough) to the sword, and half the demons then turned on him (the demons seriously hate the arrogant prick). Sasha and everyone else w/ the caravan except Ratlen died. Sasha immediately told him to run, and he did being a bit of a coward, not like he really would have changed things had he went all out. He almost assuredly would have died.

Zamza midway through the fight fled w/ word of recall or a contingency teleport or something similar, doesn’t matter, leaving just the demons to duke it out. His controlled demons won the day, leaving 11 alive. One of them picked up Sasha’s sword, the 11 flew off. They were oblivious to the glove the whole time.

Zamza is almost universally reviled by the movers and shakers of Necros, he is beyond despised by Lord Kale. He decided to go to Xoll, and had his demons meet him there, then he volunteered to be Lord Morguestorm’s vassal.

In the wake of the fight, Ratlen crept back to the scene. His beloved wife was a charred husk. He wailed the loss of true love. He noticed the severed arm. He collected himself. He cast a detect magic, and the Glove of Alvordis had a black glow like the Abyss. He took it. (I would note that the glove does not help concerning the demons). He immediately sensed the vast # of undead in the region, app. 3/4 of the army Alvordis brought with him to Baloria (150,000,000 lesser undead, almost all of them in the Balorian Peaks), which is separate from all forces left in Necros and Law. Ratlen just knew that he could make them all his. Vengeance would be his! He left back north for the mountains.

So, the framework is bloody brilliant. How do I execute this to make it a grand adventure / murder mystery for the PCs?

Update: Valrin’s 1 on his luck check in the aftermath of him learning of Pryme is going to dump all this info in his lap. Adventure execution is now in Jaime’s hands, not mine. Pryme wants Kiki Steelheart on the throne, and is, through Freyja, cluing Valrin in on all this key information in hopes that he can help orchestrate Kiki securing the throne.


10/20 Braxwor nukes Necros with three missiles, “Kyv” with one. Exit Alvordis.
11/13: Braxwor requests from Valrin all/any information on Zan.
11/14: Braxwor offers Valrin the official position of Deputy Minister of Information under Izemgar Inkbeard.



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