Lezarous Condensed version of events

? is will the loop ever stop

798 AD The year it all began. This all started with a dream in a dungeon that lead to Xyv. Upon meeting Xyv things started quickly. Initially I (Lezarous) with another man were sent to Anthis to take care of a problem with a man and his family. Things happened so fast and chaotic we returned to Oridies to find even more new members to our group. We began by gaining complete control of Oridies for Xyv. By killing the Glendar the lord’s son, the captain of the Guard Voz, and many others. Once done with this we traveled west to conquer a few small villages. Upon completion of the villages we became entangled in the web of Vellime and evil wizard power hungry and in desperate to become immortal. The Karthuin ruins were in there somewhere and all of it’s different aspects. That damn Dog eating my face is definitely a memorable moment. The Collecting of the gems for Vellime were being worked on at the same time as the ruins. We eventually restored the ruins. Somewhere upon the way she (Aura) came into my life. I began to look at things differently but it was already too late I was too deep in the grand scheme of things. We dealt with Vellime in quick and decisive order. Then came the betrayal by Zhazran.
Ending the life of everyone in the group including myself. Only to wake in a strange place with what I would learn to be followers of Dusk all around. I would experience gods doing battle and dying, strange new places, time travel, immortals, ancient grudges acted out before my eyes, and the Chaos stone being responsible for it all.
Since my blade enter Lane’s body on that fateful day it’s seems I am doom to relive the same time frames over and over again. Will it ever end or are trapped in a loop never ending.



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