Eisrik Estate Adventure

At the time of the adventure, Zhazran will be in Grindface, Reece will be in Jusanne at the Seat of the Sun.

The Eisrik Estate, situated in the middle of a sneeze over 3 acres, with over half of it being overgrown with woods, is in the southeast area of Jusanne. It has a two story manor home and a 125’ tower opposite it, with the front doors of the manor on its north side, the front doors of the tower on its south side. The two structures are thirty yards apart. The entire lot is separated by a 10’ wooden fence in slight disrepair, with an inner lot surrounded by a 15’ spiked, iron fence. The path that leads from the city street has a large wooden gate barring the way, then winds through the woods up to the inner lot where it meets a gatehouse, with a tether post nearby on the outside. The night-time guard stationed at the gatehouse is Galen Grillsbar, commissioned by Reece. Galen has an old riding horse, which will be tethered outside. I’m greatly assuming they will attempt this adventure at night. Lack of planning, if they happen to attempt at day, just say Galen is covering for the daytime watchman that day.

The top half of the tower is visible to a watchtower on the Jusanne ramparts. The north view of the upper levels of the tower provides a great look into Jusanne.

The tower has 2 unmoving gargoyles (golems) above its entrance on the second floor balcony, situated about 30’ up. They will ambush anyone other than the Eisriks or Sorvus Tyrglen that touches the front doors, which are also fire trapped. Tamra has every single door in the place fire trapped. Triggering a fire trap will cause a 5’ explosion for 1d4+19 dmg (maybe roll several dice to throw them off). The crashing sound of the gargoyle golems trying to squash the intruders will alert Tamra that something is up, and he promptly casts clairvoyance, followed by clairaudience, to see what is afoot.

The foyer has two marble statues: nude human women with two swords. They are marble golems, and will attack either a) as the last people enter the room, or b) as soon as somebody touches the door to the meeting hall.

REMEMBER: all his spellbooks have explosive runes on them. Remember the huge, gorgeous two-month hourglass in the lab. The top level (not shown on the map, just add it in) is a hermetically sealed library with all his ancient books, and the secret corridor is on that level, not the third. Not shown in those is, right before what is marked as the tomb (which is actually a huge treasure chest) is a pressure plate trap that will drop a vat of acid from the ceiling for 10d6 dmg. In the dungeon are two tables not shown, one w/ the bones of a purple worm strewn about it, as well as an archaeologist’s kit. The other table has a skeleton on it — it’s the autopsy table — and also a kit for that purpose. In the tombchamber, Michael Eisrik, Tamra’s son, and Abraham Eisrik, Tamra’s father, are in the tombchamber on top of the tombs ready to attack [post fact note: had them ready by the door instead, and just fyi they were crypt things animated by Tamra, with Michael still wearing some of his old adventuring gear and sporting an insane neg. 11 AC]. There is a trap door south of the column that is just a very deep, 160’ pit with pitons hammered in for hand and foot holds — this drops down into a small cave, which is part of the ancient worm tunnels.


The manor home is dusty, hasn’t been cleaned in months. Most non-furniture items of value are gone already, Reece and Zhazran having already sold most of it. There is nothing of interest in there other than valuable furniture and some odds and ends.



(Note: b/c of the accursed nature of the code here, the + symbols may or may not bork this all to hell. I’m beyond caring atm).

From Tamra Eisrik’s body

Dagger +2
Dagger +1
Bracers of defense AC: 4
Boots, winged
Ring of protection +1
Cloak of protection +3
Scroll of protection from magic
Potion of instant summoning (unique, you drink this, and you can summon into your hand any single item no larger than what a 5’ diameter sphere could contain that is within 120’)

From Michael Eisrik’s body

Tower shield +4, +7 vs. missiles
Military pick of defense +1, + 3 to AC.
Full plate +2 (avg. human male size)
Boots of the north.

Misc. non-potion and non-scrolls

Trident of Submission
Manual of flesh golems
Mancatcher +1 (lulz)
Morning star +1


Wizard scroll: cantrip, infravision, minor creation, fire trap, cone of cold.
Wizard scroll: Mordenkainen’s Mag. Mansion.
Wizard scroll: non-detection.
Wizard scroll: strength, protection from normal missiles, enervation.
Wizard scroll: monster summoning II.
Wizard scroll: sleep.

Priest scroll: silence, 15’ radius, dispel magic, call lightning, wall of fire, word of recall, animate object, earthquake.

Protection scroll: women (all females suffer -4 attack rolls on ‘caster’ for 5d6 rounds) ((lulz)).
Protection scroll: animals.
Protection scroll: possession.
Protection scroll: lycanthropes (all).


Invulnerability x3.
Plant control x2.
Treasure finding.
Blue magic immunity (immunity to any blue magical effect; e.g., like if you happened to be hit by the blue part of a prismatic spray, consumer would be immune to that part of it).
Oil of acid res.
Oil of earth ele. invuln.
Bravery (5d4 rounds of cloak of bravery effect).
Binding (5d4 rounds of the 2nd level wizard spell bind effect).
Oil of disench.
Extra-healing x2.
Philter of stammering & stuttering ((it is actually labeled such)).
Polymorph self.
Oil of slipperiness.
Weapon prowess (+1d4 Weapon Skill score for 5d4 rounds, with all accompanying bonus effects).
Elixir of madness ((labeled as such)).



Zhazran gets first two picks on magical items. Then your group gets 2, then he gets 2, then you get 2, then he gets 1, and you lot get the rest. He gets first pick on spellbook, and it’s rotated out 1 you folks, then one him, then one you folks, 4 & 4 split.

Zhazran takes bracers AC 4 & cloak +3. He takes spellbook #6 as his first pick on those.

Eisrik Estate Adventure

Any ideas on how to manage this? I would suggest we go for the most valuable magical items, since we can’t find enough useful ones to go around, for this group. So we could take the best stuff to sell or trade, and swap them out for other stuff at magical shops, or whatever. I saw that there’s a spell Allison wants, so you’re welcome to pick the first spellbook, if that will get it for you.

Eisrik Estate Adventure

PCs pick spellbook 8, winged boots, tower shield.

Now we wait to see where the dust settles on the initial agreement in light of there actually be 9 spellbooks.

Update: In light of there being 9 spellbooks, agreement that Z gets the level 1 spellbook #1 and he’ll give up his starter 50 page spellbook to the PCs.

Eisrik Estate Adventure

Zhazran picks spellbook 7, boots of the north, ring +1.

Eisrik Estate Adventure

PCs pick spellbook 6b, full plate +2, dagger +2.

Zhazran picks the scroll of protection from magic and spellbook 5.

PCs get the rest of the magical stuff and spellbook 4.

Zhazran gets spellbook 3 & 1.

PCs get spellbook 2 & Zhazran’s 50 pager. I’ll get that book posted here after a while.

Eisrik Estate Adventure

Zhazran’s spellbook (49/50)

Cantrip – 6
Armor – 6
Magic Missile – 1
Shield – 3
Charm person – 2
Mount – 5
Find familiar – 4
Identify – 2

Mirror image – 2
Invisibility – 2
E.S.P – 5
Web – 5
Improved phantasmal force – 4
Knock – 2

Eisrik Estate Adventure

Lezarous got boots of the wing, healing pot, and 2 extra healing pots.

Eisrik Estate Adventure

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