13 meteor-pods fall on the viewable map + Drakdann. 10 A.M. or so, 2/15/799. They are to establish a colony then creep outward to the nearest manna tree. East pod has a queen, ~100,000 warriors, ~10,000 drones, ~100 overminds (1 general per 1k warriors).


1 (1): East of Vunderghon, Urstag turf. The northmen will win but suffer severe casualties, and this is before the plague reaches them. The northmen are all but extinct after this.

2 (3): River Zolgus, East of Copperton in the plains. Seth-ra will eventually muster and manage but suffer heavy losses, just as the plague starts ravaging them.

3 (4): Close to the coast of the largest forest of the Riverwoods, right near where Ola “Riverspeaker” lives. Xoll beats the ever-loving dogshit out of them, Allo, Synnvol, Venla, Morguestorm show that they are an absurd wrecking ball with their forces fielded together. Plague be damned. Necros, not to be outdone, taking advantage of the distraction, conquers right up to Xoll’s southern border (aside from all Law territory, formally allied with Necros, and Bloodhaven, allowed to stay neutral). Which means Necros blitzes and conquers Narith, Tiavin, Oligoth, N. Neuros, S. Neuros, Counton, Leinerkov, Deverynn, Itha, Jeverdynn, Riccarton, Dockgate, Gathis, Hacertoll, Arles, Koshia, and Tothany, the night of 2/15/799. Millions of undead unleashed, from magical stormclouds and from the sea. Venla was under orders to betray the Xoll forces once engaged with the aliens. She defied them. Venla’s betrayal was supposed to soften Xoll’s main forces enough to allow Necros to conquer it. Once their army was barely dented by the aliens, Necros decided to audible out of the Xoll attack plan. Braxwor’s nukes were not insignificant. ((this got tweaked a bit))

4 (5): About 50 miles west of Llelliavé. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong for the elves (20 check). The capitol is razed. Only thing that makes sense is that their military is in rare disarray due to plague, and they landed too close to the tree in the capitol for a real mustering of defense forces. It will be a drawn out campaign before Iveria, Llelliava, Zolcan (a little), with a huge smattering of hodgepodge help (including Quellaxu) finally exterminate them. This colony will make the overall mission a success. They’ll mysteriously manage to disappear the manna tree there before being eradicated.

5 (6): In the ocean 550 miles or so west of the westernmost wyvern isle. This one is going to fester unmolested for quite a while once they reach the desert. Closest civilization is Gadubadoo, which won’t know they are even out in the desert (way, way northwest) ’til way later, and they will have built a ludicrously sized colony by then. ((update: Aura folk got a heads up and had all eyes in the sky with telescopes — this one got spotted as it fell, so it is known to be out there — Aura folk will let Gadubadoo know.

6 (9): Seagrave Bay (Rylisia), about 25 miles north/northeast of Graypoint. Graypoint demolished, and they set up shop in the Eastheart Mountains. A big fat problem.

7 (11): In the mountains east of GadooBadu, at the peaks, right where all those rivers are tight. The elemental mages make short work of them. Kylyshivé Luré’Llasalla leads the rain of destruction, then will promptly lead the elementalist brigade to bugstomp in Zhandimar, also very successful. Then Kyly will be part of the force that ultimately demolishes the aliens in Llelliava. She’ll earn about 50 dumptruck loads of xp by the time the 3 major anti-alien campaigns she fights in are wrapped up, two of which she essentially was field marshal for. Absurdly high level druid/elementalist = efficient mass murderer.

8 (15): Zhandimar, few miles north of the largest city in the northwest. Gadubadoo saves their asses, but not before the large city and four major towns northernmost of their primary river get destroyed.

9 (16): Few miles southwest of the major city of Zakandria. As if it never even landed……

10 (18): In the sea 600 miles or so due south of Uniharash (Urev). They will head to Drakdanni land due west. The Overlord’s forces are concentrated far away in the center of the land, and are beginning to reel from the plague. By the time the aliens hit landfall they are able to set up shop quite nicely, and the OL now finds himself flanked by the rebellion and the aliens.

11 (18): In the sea around 40 miles southeast of Unihol (Urev). Unihol is destroyed and set up as the hive location before the uber efficient and deadly Urev army demolishes them all. Plague has yet to rape Urev at this time, fortunately for them, but is just about to.

12 (3): Vrakdann, Mindshatter land, south central, in line with where I wrote Vrakdann on the map on the adventure log. PCs, Vrakdann, Selendorr, Celestra, Jaq’Moora will hopefully manage to muster up and take it out.

13 (13): Blingellum, about 30 miles southeast of the city by the lakes. The Empire makes short work of them (bombing them from zeppelins mostly).



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