Adventure log of Solomon

Long ago: I’m dead.

Day 1 (for me): I’m alive!!

Night 1: I’m dead.

Day 2: I’m alive?

Night 2: I’m dead.

Day 3: I’m alive…

Night 3: …

Day 4: Holy shit…I’M STILL ALIVE!

After several months of training in Lunacy, I’ve grown to love the city. The impending jump to another timeline had made me apprehensive, but it went over well. I quickly acquired clothing and gear, and was happy to soon be afforded a chance to “revisit” Lunacy, though it is the city in the new timeline, and not actually the one I had grown accustomed to. I did get the chance to meet this reality’s version of several of the people I had grown close to during my training, and that afforded me an interesting chance to re-introduce myself to what should have been familiar acquaintances. I would have never thought this would be commonplace, for me. Oseth was pleased with the chance to meet me on this timeline, as he had been informed of my impending arrival, presumably by SoA. It’s not always that one gets a chance to meet someone for the first time, after knowing them for so long.

Annaverra will likely cause trouble for us. She is drawing attention to the situation we were expressly requested to keep low key. The others in the group seem to want to brush it off, but I fear the proper words whispered near the proper ears, and we’ve a situation on our hands. I’d rather avoid it. Despite Aura’s wishes, Lezarous seems intent on doing what he deems necessary. While that is his right, I feel his hubris may be detrimental to our cause. Lady Aura has my trust, and I have faith that she knows what must be done…whether she reveals all the details to me, or not. But I have pledged my loyalty to her, and she has given me no reason to doubt her, so I remain her loyal servant.

While lounging in Orides, we noticed a young woman who had been grievously disfigured, apparently by some sect of abominations that abduct unfortunate citizens, and force them to choose between life, maimed and scarred, or death. Many, apparently, chose death over the alternative presented to them. I only wish that my lady’s grace could have aided them before they chose their fate. Despair can be a powerful thing.

We met the lady, again, beneath the streets of the city, in the sewers. I tracked three sets of prints through the tunnels, two booted normally, one large, and one small, with another set of one booted print, and a clawed foot. When we found the lady, she was accompanied by a disfigured beast which we dispatched. He was responsible for the booted and clawed set of prints, and when we killed him, the lady screamed in dissent. I believe the smaller set of prints to be hers. Perhaps her captors had bent her will to their cause. She could be the agent among them that could walk freely in the city, despite her appearance, with the proper cloaking and anonymous behavior. I’m no stranger to hiding my appearance to those who would judge me by my look, or the color of my skin. We must go and speak with the barkeep at the Indigo Bliss, to discover what was spoken between the two, the night we saw them chatting. It may give us clues to the rest of the mystery. Meanwhile, at least one of the trio is free in the city.

Soon, Lezarous has suggested that we go and cleanse the temple of Aura that once existed in the Karthuin ruins. I look forward to seeing the temple restored. Perhaps it can become my local taste of Lunacy, if luck and lady Aura wills it.

During some downtime, we decided to go to Xoll. Lezarous wanted to return Graysoul to the family that once owned it, and we took advantage of being in the vicinity to study at the library for about a week. It proved advantageous, since I gained some spells I hadn’t previously had, as well as picking up an extra spellbook. I must look into condensing the spells I currently have, in order to save space in my books. Right now, they are simply too wordy, and I feel they can be condensed, to save precious space. I shall devote my free time to doing that, soon.

We searched for, and destroyed a young green dragon, and collected its hoard for our own treasuries. After which, we found 26 hill giants, and have yet to deal with the problem. This may be our next endeavor.

Okay, so it’s been a while since I updated the journal. Recently, we entered into an agreement with Zhazran and Reece Eisrik to cleanse their family estate of an ancestor that had become a lich. The plan was to remove them from the tower, and divvy up the loot according to Lezarous and Zhazran’s plan. Unfortunately, as soon as the combat was done, Lezarous rushed out to confront Reece on his “cowardice” during the battle, and killed him and his manservant, Galen, in the process. Prism helped in the combat. Afterwards, Zhazran and I took the bodies to the temple, and he asked why I would adventure with people of such murderous bent. I reached out to Aura for guidance, and everything blew up. Suddenly, we were all in custody at the church, the Chaos Hound was attacking, and we were spirited away by Jerry Luckspree the halfling Chosen of Tymora. SoA took custody of the gear, and the others, and demanded that Lezarous and Zhazran be exiled, banned from Saradynn and Lunas. As always, I measure my actions against those of my people, and I wonder if chaos follows my race, despite the intentions of the individual. I have long feared this, but I had hoped that the reconstitution of my being would sever any ties that curse might have had upon me. It would appear that this is not the case.

At any rate, it appears that Jerry Luckspree has asked our help in freeing his people from the oppression they suffer, in the lands of Ne’vu. Valrin has already proclaimed that he’ll help, and I plan on assisting him any way that I can. He’s a good Thadan, and a true ally. I hope that I can repay him in kind. Prism, as always, seems disdainful and aloof, with the usual occasional bouts of full blown hatred towards me. She may accompany us, but she has made reference to the fact that she cares not at all for “just causes” and what is right. If she can be bought to do this thing, she may come along with us. It pains me that she harbors such angst for the gods, but is more than willing to accept the healing their faith brings. But Aura and Dawn grant me these healing powers to save lives, and I will not let hers fall aside simply because she disagrees with me. Though I cannot count on such a mindset from her, should I be dependent on her help. Regardless, I will not let that determine my course of action.


Fine addition to the site, sir. : /

Adventure log of Solomon

I think it sums up his existence quite nicely.

Adventure log of Solomon

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