The List


Teenage Wasteland
Blame Iymy

1/23 – Iymy arrives at Prism’s house, seriously looking like a corpse, bitemarks riddling her body, requesting a heal. She conveys to Prism her plan to be her Whip.
1/25 – Iymy gathers the following entourage for a meet at the manor:

Liandras Helmaer
Alys Quendru
Irene Eburnus


13 meteor-pods fall on the viewable map + Drakdann. 10 A.M. or so, 2/15/799. They are to establish a colony then creep outward to the nearest manna tree. East pod has a queen, ~100,000 warriors, ~10,000 drones, ~100 overminds (1 general per 1k warriors).


1 (1): East of Vunderghon, Urstag turf. The northmen will win but suffer severe casualties, and this is before the plague reaches them. The northmen are all but extinct after this.

2 (3): River Zolgus, East of Copperton in the plains. Seth-ra will eventually muster and manage but suffer heavy losses, just as the plague starts ravaging them.

3 (4): Close to the coast of the largest forest of the Riverwoods, right near where Ola “Riverspeaker” lives. Xoll beats the ever-loving dogshit out of them, Allo, Synnvol, Venla, Morguestorm show that they are an absurd wrecking ball with their forces fielded together. Plague be damned. Necros, not to be outdone, taking advantage of the distraction, conquers right up to Xoll’s southern border (aside from all Law territory, formally allied with Necros, and Bloodhaven, allowed to stay neutral). Which means Necros blitzes and conquers Narith, Tiavin, Oligoth, N. Neuros, S. Neuros, Counton, Leinerkov, Deverynn, Itha, Jeverdynn, Riccarton, Dockgate, Gathis, Hacertoll, Arles, Koshia, and Tothany, the night of 2/15/799. Millions of undead unleashed, from magical stormclouds and from the sea. Venla was under orders to betray the Xoll forces once engaged with the aliens. She defied them. Venla’s betrayal was supposed to soften Xoll’s main forces enough to allow Necros to conquer it. Once their army was barely dented by the aliens, Necros decided to audible out of the Xoll attack plan. Braxwor’s nukes were not insignificant. ((this got tweaked a bit))

4 (5): About 50 miles west of Llelliavé. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong for the elves (20 check). The capitol is razed. Only thing that makes sense is that their military is in rare disarray due to plague, and they landed too close to the tree in the capitol for a real mustering of defense forces. It will be a drawn out campaign before Iveria, Llelliava, Zolcan (a little), with a huge smattering of hodgepodge help (including Quellaxu) finally exterminate them. This colony will make the overall mission a success. They’ll mysteriously manage to disappear the manna tree there before being eradicated.

5 (6): In the ocean 550 miles or so west of the westernmost wyvern isle. This one is going to fester unmolested for quite a while once they reach the desert. Closest civilization is Gadubadoo, which won’t know they are even out in the desert (way, way northwest) ’til way later, and they will have built a ludicrously sized colony by then. ((update: Aura folk got a heads up and had all eyes in the sky with telescopes — this one got spotted as it fell, so it is known to be out there — Aura folk will let Gadubadoo know.

6 (9): Seagrave Bay (Rylisia), about 25 miles north/northeast of Graypoint. Graypoint demolished, and they set up shop in the Eastheart Mountains. A big fat problem.

7 (11): In the mountains east of GadooBadu, at the peaks, right where all those rivers are tight. The elemental mages make short work of them. Kylyshivé Luré’Llasalla leads the rain of destruction, then will promptly lead the elementalist brigade to bugstomp in Zhandimar, also very successful. Then Kyly will be part of the force that ultimately demolishes the aliens in Llelliava. She’ll earn about 50 dumptruck loads of xp by the time the 3 major anti-alien campaigns she fights in are wrapped up, two of which she essentially was field marshal for. Absurdly high level druid/elementalist = efficient mass murderer.

8 (15): Zhandimar, few miles north of the largest city in the northwest. Gadubadoo saves their asses, but not before the large city and four major towns northernmost of their primary river get destroyed.

9 (16): Few miles southwest of the major city of Zakandria. As if it never even landed……

10 (18): In the sea 600 miles or so due south of Uniharash (Urev). They will head to Drakdanni land due west. The Overlord’s forces are concentrated far away in the center of the land, and are beginning to reel from the plague. By the time the aliens hit landfall they are able to set up shop quite nicely, and the OL now finds himself flanked by the rebellion and the aliens.

11 (18): In the sea around 40 miles southeast of Unihol (Urev). Unihol is destroyed and set up as the hive location before the uber efficient and deadly Urev army demolishes them all. Plague has yet to rape Urev at this time, fortunately for them, but is just about to.

12 (3): Vrakdann, Mindshatter land, south central, in line with where I wrote Vrakdann on the map on the adventure log. PCs, Vrakdann, Selendorr, Celestra, Jaq’Moora will hopefully manage to muster up and take it out.

13 (13): Blingellum, about 30 miles southeast of the city by the lakes. The Empire makes short work of them (bombing them from zeppelins mostly).

The Vrakdanni
Four people and a fairy to conquer a nation.


The lands of Vrakdann are the forests west of Celestra, largely unknown to the civilizations to the east. They are less advanced and more savage than the Drakdanni of the south, and viewed as inferior by the Drakdanni. The Vrakdanni have a long history of occasional attempts at conquering Celestra. None have been ultimately successful, though once long ago the Vrakdanni did manage to slay the Fairy Queen (see: Revenge). It is rare, however, for the Vrakdanni to be united under one banner, and are typically warring among themselves to be a significant threat to Celestra.

Two major rivers run through the Vrakdanni lands, the Westflow (the northern one) and the Twilight Run. The source of the Westflow is the magical Weeping Tree, where Amber “West” lives. The rivers are beyond critical for the agriculture of the Vrakdanni, and indeed much of their population is concentrated near the shores of these two rivers.

The Vrakdanni are organized politically much the same as the Drakdanni. The High Warlord is essentially dictator. His generals are the warlords, but most of the time the various warlords have their own armies much like vassals. All warlord authority supersedes all other local authority positions. Individual communities are ran by chiefs, but there is often a garrison of orc soldiers stationed for both extra defense and to ensure chief and tribe loyalty. The garrisoned soldiers are typically part of the High Warlord’s army. In some clans, priests have a lot of authority, but this is not the case across the board. When a High Warlord brings other High Warlords under his banner, he becomes an Overlord.

The last clan to unite all the Vrakdanni was the Blood Dawn, in 709. They invaded Celestra, but were severely routed in the Twilight Pass by magical bombardment by the prepared combined forces of Celestra and Selendorr, with aid from the Jaqmoori centaurs. The defenders knew the attack was coming well in advance. The high warlord was slain in the Pass, and the clans splintered once again. It was this invasion that the author of the book that Synnvol gave Lezarous caught wind of, and he set out to learn more about it and the Vrakdanni in general.

Currently there are nine clans, adding up to a population of app. 300,000.

The Nine Clans

Blood Dawn: The High Warlord of Blood Dawn, Zordraas, one of the deadliest, fiercest, massive orcs the Vrakdanni have produced in ages, has a mind to unite the clans once again. His warlords and all the soldiers of Blood Dawn are fanatically loyal to him. His army went on the offensive early in 798. They have already conquered a sizable portion of the Kordanni lands by the end of 798. Their territory is by far the largest of the clans, as is their population. The Blood Dawns have grown very resentful of the powerhouse economy of the Axestorms, but the Axestorm capitol is by far the most heavily fortified/defended. Zordraas’ great-great-great-great-grandfather united the Vrakdanni in 709.

Shadowtusk: The Shadowtusk clan is small in number but beyond capable militarily. Xu’Dann and Vey’Ghul are both very popular. Most Shadowtusks draw powers from one or the other. They’re a cunning lot, politically. The High Warlord is the oldest among his peers, the venerable, eccentric Suvuunaas. Suvuunas is a priest of Vey’Ghul, and adept in necromantic Csaversa manipulation as well, a closely guarded treasure that he has passed on only to some of his relatives to help secure their foothold on authority. His immediate family has a small undead army to bolster their ranks if need be. The Shadowtusks are formal allies of Blood Dawn, as it has been so for many, many generations, though the other clans are not fully aware that the alliance is still formally active today. So far the Shadowtusks have been neutral in the offensive against Kordann, which has the other warlords curious as to the status of relationship b/w Blood Dawn and the Shadowtusks. Suvuunaas and Zordraas share ancestors a few generations removed. Suvuunaas is Zordrass’ great-granduncle. The High Warlord’s family tends to favor Vey’Ghul, but Xu’Dannian worship is still quite prominent with the Shadowtusks.

Foereaver: Led by High Warlord Rakduun, who is seriously starting to feel the pressure from his neighbors. Doesn’t trust the Shadowtusks, assumes Blood Dawn has him marked for death, assumes the Axestorms will stay out of the middle, and there has been too much bad blood with the clans Mindshatter and Glory Throne in the past. Further, Rakduun has not been High Warlord long. Foereaver has had some major turnover issues lately in their political structure. It’s the worst clan for having the High Warlord defeated and outed/killed by challengers, happens quite regularly. Rakduun has been in charge for three years. The three years previous to that saw six distinct High Warlords. Rakduun’s closest adviser and confidant, invaluable to his keeping power, is his fierce, cruel, cunning sister Larath.

Traditionally Clan Foereaver is one of the strongest, but lately they are correctly perceived as one of the weakest.

Kordann: After the defeat in 709, the Kordann were the first to split from Blood Dawn. High Warlord Korjux, a fanatical warrior/priest of Xu’Dann, felt that the lack of overall allegiance to the Chaos Lord was to blame for their defeat in the Twilight Pass, and promised a brave new Vrakdanni era in which Xu’Dannians would purge all non-believers and once again fully embrace the Chaos Lord.

Their current leader is High Warlord Korgraaks, a descendent of Korjux. Korgraaks was traveling abroad several years. He spent a lot of time in Salimar and the deserts west of it. In the Fall of 797, returned to his homeland and challenged his older brother (fighter/priest of Xu’Dann) for control of his clan, and won, thus making him high warlord. He had a tenuous hold over his clan, and then the Blood Dawn invaded. Their justification for the invasion was Korgraaks heresy in being a priest of Yashytra, though the invasion was going to happen one way or the other. Korgraaks surprised everyone and lasted out the year against the Blood Dawn, but his clan’s defeat is a foregone conclusion.

Korgraaks can trace his lineage back to a shared relative with Overlord Korgrall.

Mindshatter: Led by High Warlord Igspoz. Formal allies with Glory Throne. Igspoz is the cousin of High Warlord Huudthuul of Glory Throne. Together those two clans are the most devout overall to Xu’Dann. They have flirted with the idea of unification, but both High Warlords are too attached to power to allow it so far. They are worried about the strength of Blood Dawn but have a combined strong mind to conquer Axestorm and Foereaver.

Axestorm: Led by High Warlord Khorr. Known to be a priest, unclear exactly under who. Veteran orc, the second oldest High Warlord of the Vrakdanni. Strict legalist and very conservative of Vrakdanni custom overall. Nevertheless, the Axestorm clan in some respects is progressive, particularly economically and religiously. Under Khorr’s leadership they have greatly expanded their naval abilities and exploration. They conduct a lot of trade with Salimar, and have the most powerful economy of all the Vrakdanni clans. Khorr has implemented a form of mercantilism for his clan that has made his clan very wealthy overall. The Axestorms have become quite wealthy in their trade of goods they acquire abroad and then distribute to the other clans, especially slaves and ore. It is illegal for Axestorms to purchase anything from other Vrakdanni clans with rare metals, instead conducting business exclusively in trade or use of the iron coins quite prevalent in the Vrakdanni economy (purchase power of about a silver piece, whereas silver and gold coins have a purchase power about five times their normal value in other civilizations. Most iron bits are minted by the Axestorms.

Khorr isn’t greedy and maintains low-moderate taxes. He is hands-off as far as trade regulation within Axestorm borders, only enforcing a heavy hand on trade outside their borders.

The Axestorms have temples of Xu’Dann, Qivos, Magdon, Or’Dukall, Goringall, Vey’Ghul, Glimmerdin, D’Khaz, and Ukulla, listed in order of prominence, all in its massive capitol, Stormhearth, located where the Northwater flows into the sea, the very southwestern corner of their territory. The population of the Axestorms is heavily concentrated in that one city. Khorr rules from Fortress Stormshield, the most impressive castle in all of Vrakdann. Technically it’s the only castle in Vrakdann, as most other battlements in the nation are of wood, not stone. Stormhearth is also surrounded by an impressive 30’ stone wall, complete with decent ballistae and shitty catapults. The Axestorm clan possesses the only navy worth mentioning, and while it’s more designed for travel than war, it would still be able to completely shut off the sea of enemy lands in any military campaign. Khorr himself does possess a warship, the only one of its kind in Vrakdann. He is also a cannibal, infamous for feasting on his fallen foes, believing he draws power in this way, a custom some other Axestorms have come to practice as well.

The Axestorms have a lot more civilian types in their ranks than the other clans, and their official military is small but well-trained. They are overconfident in their ability to defend their main city/castle, and have no mind for military aggression these days, being recently smitten instead by economic imperialism of sorts.

Glory Throne: Led by High Warlord Huudthuull. He thinks a serious purging of the unfaithful is long overdue for the Vrakdanni. Blood Dawn’s recent aggression put the kibosh on Glory Throne’s plans with Mindshatter to invade Axestorm’s turf. The clan is on permanent war footing, which is frenetic of late first in preparations of invading Axestorm and now readying against a possible Blood Dawn invasion. Huudthuul despises Kuursk of the Logjammers but their clans’ economies are closely linked, with Glory Throne relying heavily on the Logjammers for iron ore.

Iron Fist: In a constant state of warm/hot war with the Logjammers. Led by High Warlord Ghomrok, a gargantuan mongrel. Iron Fist has merged with the hill giants and ogres of the northern mountains, and there has been a lot of racial assimilation. Iron Fist and the Logjammers have most of the mining concerns of the Vrakdanni. Ghomrok is not known for his brains, but his strength is legendary. They are informally allied with the storm giants.

Logjammer: Led by High Warlord Kuursk, a greedy, conniving, shrewd leader. They invented the game of logjamming, which has also become popular with the Iron Fist as well. They are in a longstanding war of attrition with the Iron Fist. Their overall prosperity is entirely hinged upon the smarts of Kuursk and the war wherewithal of Warlord Graak. They are informally allied with the stone giants.

Basically the militaries of all clans are on alert/standby waiting to see what Blood Dawn does after they wrap up their campaign against the Kordanni.

Beginning 1/2/799, Lezarous, Prism, and an assortment of NPCs started their big task of making Lezarous Overlord of the Vrakdanni. Details can be found on Timeline Parallel 2.

The Death of Braxwor Steelheart III

(Campaign date is held at 11-13-798 at the time of this writing)

The fast rundown is:

Braxwor is dying, and fast. The plague is let loose in the heart of the Fatherland. Braxwor is scrambling to burgeon a slick bureaucracy b/c he frankly knows he’s irreplaceable as head of state. He scrambles to get what he starts informally calling “The Alliance” (the Treaty of Stron signatories) to rapidly unite in offensive war against Necros and Xoll. He completes his will, is going to leave his uncle Ghandron Steelheart as regent-king until 01-01-830, at which time his eldest offspring (of two daughters) Kiki Steelheart takes the throne. If Ghandron should pass before 830, Ghandron’s younger brother Ghantrar is to take the throne, and so on (three more brothers).

Valrin’s story is what made him decide to break tradition and allow Kiki to one day become head of state. He saw the Planeswalker’s arrival as a portent, and determined that times they be a changing, and correctly assumed that his daughter is maybe not as bad of a candidate as he previously thought, knowing full well she is just wickedly progressive as far as Thadans go. He finally put his angst over his struggle over how badly he wanted Gretta, his youngest daughter, to be firstborn and therefore a culturally far more agreeable candidate to the throne. His one regret is not seeing his youngest daughter Gretta come of age. Kiki as his ultimate heir apparent is a deeply unpopular view in The Fatherland, but Braxwor is far, far too respected for his wishes to not be honored, now and forever.

His bold plan is to force his people to war, with or without any help from other countries, against Necros (and by default he correctly assumes Xoll as well). He knows that Necros is reeling from the sudden nuking of Alvordis and in extreme disarray, despite raw undead numbers being, total, astronomical.

He is going to commission Agazar to kill him in Xoll while on a diplomatic mission to meet with Zan, and frame Ratlen Precsley. Braxwor has a mind to die in battle, and use his death to galvanize the Alliance for offensive war.

Ratlen, quite by accident, now controls a major chunk of Alvordis’ army. The Firestorm Demons, led by Alvordis’ 2nd, Zamza Klauss (formerly under Lord Kale) had a role to play.

I’m thinking Brax wants Val in Xoll on 11/20 and that is when he will be killed.

Ratlen is a Ng vampire and his wife Sasha (not a vamp) loves the ever loving piss out of him. Ratlen is a scholar type (only as a hobby, but severely well read and knowledgeable) and grew up in Baloria, lives in Necros, was hanging out in Xoll when Alvordis took Baloran/Kyv. Alvordis summoned him to Kyv to help him machinate with/against the Balorian nobility and other power structures. Sasha, unknown to Ratlen, is actually a badass fighter and wielding The Blade of Charnotria.

While Ratlen and Sasha were en route to Kyv, with it being the next major stop, the nuke dropped on it. The caravan they were with turned their confused asses around and headed back to Fausol. They witnessed (by sound) the demon army and Zamza flying to Kyv at night from the Balorian Peaks. Two nights later, the demons were flying back with Zamza, Alvordis’ lewt safely in tow, when Zamza, for shits and giggles, ordered the attack on the caravan. He didn’t realize he had officially lost control of about half the demons. He didn’t expect to face a real danger in the likes of Sasha Charn.

The battle went poorly for Zamza. He lost his left arm (which forced him to lose his conduit to Flairra, oddly enough) to the sword, and half the demons then turned on him (the demons seriously hate the arrogant prick). Sasha and everyone else w/ the caravan except Ratlen died. Sasha immediately told him to run, and he did being a bit of a coward, not like he really would have changed things had he went all out. He almost assuredly would have died.

Zamza midway through the fight fled w/ word of recall or a contingency teleport or something similar, doesn’t matter, leaving just the demons to duke it out. His controlled demons won the day, leaving 11 alive. One of them picked up Sasha’s sword, the 11 flew off. They were oblivious to the glove the whole time.

Zamza is almost universally reviled by the movers and shakers of Necros, he is beyond despised by Lord Kale. He decided to go to Xoll, and had his demons meet him there, then he volunteered to be Lord Morguestorm’s vassal.

In the wake of the fight, Ratlen crept back to the scene. His beloved wife was a charred husk. He wailed the loss of true love. He noticed the severed arm. He collected himself. He cast a detect magic, and the Glove of Alvordis had a black glow like the Abyss. He took it. (I would note that the glove does not help concerning the demons). He immediately sensed the vast # of undead in the region, app. 3/4 of the army Alvordis brought with him to Baloria (150,000,000 lesser undead, almost all of them in the Balorian Peaks), which is separate from all forces left in Necros and Law. Ratlen just knew that he could make them all his. Vengeance would be his! He left back north for the mountains.

So, the framework is bloody brilliant. How do I execute this to make it a grand adventure / murder mystery for the PCs?

Update: Valrin’s 1 on his luck check in the aftermath of him learning of Pryme is going to dump all this info in his lap. Adventure execution is now in Jaime’s hands, not mine. Pryme wants Kiki Steelheart on the throne, and is, through Freyja, cluing Valrin in on all this key information in hopes that he can help orchestrate Kiki securing the throne.


10/20 Braxwor nukes Necros with three missiles, “Kyv” with one. Exit Alvordis.
11/13: Braxwor requests from Valrin all/any information on Zan.
11/14: Braxwor offers Valrin the official position of Deputy Minister of Information under Izemgar Inkbeard.

Post Eisrik Tower Digital Stuff

Oh dear lord. Solaufein’s communications with Aura and Dawn are flinging a giant pile of poo right up in the blade barrier.

This will be rough.

But just some notes that I need to remember: Annaverra will be periodically checking in with Lezarous. Braxwor needs to soon write his letter to Valrin. Gripe a bit about the ship, hint that he was actually encouraged by C, I to “do something” to knock Necros down a few rungs, will mention that his health is rapidly deteriorating after he channeled so much power from Thadar to sever Necros from Baloria, and will mention the mysterious plague just now breaking out in the heart of Ghan’Thadarunn.

Eisrik Estate Adventure

At the time of the adventure, Zhazran will be in Grindface, Reece will be in Jusanne at the Seat of the Sun.

The Eisrik Estate, situated in the middle of a sneeze over 3 acres, with over half of it being overgrown with woods, is in the southeast area of Jusanne. It has a two story manor home and a 125’ tower opposite it, with the front doors of the manor on its north side, the front doors of the tower on its south side. The two structures are thirty yards apart. The entire lot is separated by a 10’ wooden fence in slight disrepair, with an inner lot surrounded by a 15’ spiked, iron fence. The path that leads from the city street has a large wooden gate barring the way, then winds through the woods up to the inner lot where it meets a gatehouse, with a tether post nearby on the outside. The night-time guard stationed at the gatehouse is Galen Grillsbar, commissioned by Reece. Galen has an old riding horse, which will be tethered outside. I’m greatly assuming they will attempt this adventure at night. Lack of planning, if they happen to attempt at day, just say Galen is covering for the daytime watchman that day.

The top half of the tower is visible to a watchtower on the Jusanne ramparts. The north view of the upper levels of the tower provides a great look into Jusanne.

The tower has 2 unmoving gargoyles (golems) above its entrance on the second floor balcony, situated about 30’ up. They will ambush anyone other than the Eisriks or Sorvus Tyrglen that touches the front doors, which are also fire trapped. Tamra has every single door in the place fire trapped. Triggering a fire trap will cause a 5’ explosion for 1d4+19 dmg (maybe roll several dice to throw them off). The crashing sound of the gargoyle golems trying to squash the intruders will alert Tamra that something is up, and he promptly casts clairvoyance, followed by clairaudience, to see what is afoot.

The foyer has two marble statues: nude human women with two swords. They are marble golems, and will attack either a) as the last people enter the room, or b) as soon as somebody touches the door to the meeting hall.

REMEMBER: all his spellbooks have explosive runes on them. Remember the huge, gorgeous two-month hourglass in the lab. The top level (not shown on the map, just add it in) is a hermetically sealed library with all his ancient books, and the secret corridor is on that level, not the third. Not shown in those is, right before what is marked as the tomb (which is actually a huge treasure chest) is a pressure plate trap that will drop a vat of acid from the ceiling for 10d6 dmg. In the dungeon are two tables not shown, one w/ the bones of a purple worm strewn about it, as well as an archaeologist’s kit. The other table has a skeleton on it — it’s the autopsy table — and also a kit for that purpose. In the tombchamber, Michael Eisrik, Tamra’s son, and Abraham Eisrik, Tamra’s father, are in the tombchamber on top of the tombs ready to attack [post fact note: had them ready by the door instead, and just fyi they were crypt things animated by Tamra, with Michael still wearing some of his old adventuring gear and sporting an insane neg. 11 AC]. There is a trap door south of the column that is just a very deep, 160’ pit with pitons hammered in for hand and foot holds — this drops down into a small cave, which is part of the ancient worm tunnels.


The manor home is dusty, hasn’t been cleaned in months. Most non-furniture items of value are gone already, Reece and Zhazran having already sold most of it. There is nothing of interest in there other than valuable furniture and some odds and ends.



(Note: b/c of the accursed nature of the code here, the + symbols may or may not bork this all to hell. I’m beyond caring atm).

From Tamra Eisrik’s body

Dagger +2
Dagger +1
Bracers of defense AC: 4
Boots, winged
Ring of protection +1
Cloak of protection +3
Scroll of protection from magic
Potion of instant summoning (unique, you drink this, and you can summon into your hand any single item no larger than what a 5’ diameter sphere could contain that is within 120’)

From Michael Eisrik’s body

Tower shield +4, +7 vs. missiles
Military pick of defense +1, + 3 to AC.
Full plate +2 (avg. human male size)
Boots of the north.

Misc. non-potion and non-scrolls

Trident of Submission
Manual of flesh golems
Mancatcher +1 (lulz)
Morning star +1


Wizard scroll: cantrip, infravision, minor creation, fire trap, cone of cold.
Wizard scroll: Mordenkainen’s Mag. Mansion.
Wizard scroll: non-detection.
Wizard scroll: strength, protection from normal missiles, enervation.
Wizard scroll: monster summoning II.
Wizard scroll: sleep.

Priest scroll: silence, 15’ radius, dispel magic, call lightning, wall of fire, word of recall, animate object, earthquake.

Protection scroll: women (all females suffer -4 attack rolls on ‘caster’ for 5d6 rounds) ((lulz)).
Protection scroll: animals.
Protection scroll: possession.
Protection scroll: lycanthropes (all).


Invulnerability x3.
Plant control x2.
Treasure finding.
Blue magic immunity (immunity to any blue magical effect; e.g., like if you happened to be hit by the blue part of a prismatic spray, consumer would be immune to that part of it).
Oil of acid res.
Oil of earth ele. invuln.
Bravery (5d4 rounds of cloak of bravery effect).
Binding (5d4 rounds of the 2nd level wizard spell bind effect).
Oil of disench.
Extra-healing x2.
Philter of stammering & stuttering ((it is actually labeled such)).
Polymorph self.
Oil of slipperiness.
Weapon prowess (+1d4 Weapon Skill score for 5d4 rounds, with all accompanying bonus effects).
Elixir of madness ((labeled as such)).


Impromptu 1-17 and 1-18

(This has been added to the wiki canon here.)

1865 P.A. A windy, rainy night, 5/25. X’D holding a wild Stone pulls P & Lez from the ships and brings them back in time to this point. X’D sending to X’D, double X’D happened. X’D mind rapes Lez & P, P unwillingly. They fall unconscious, X’D’s are gone when they come to.

Much attempts to contact somebody. Dianizia & Dz (P), J’C (L) and Aura (both), Aura scries, and then shows up. Conversation. Lez offers her his memories, she takes him up on it. They ask for Dusk, Aura says no. She casts the quest spell Highway to send them on their happy way to Cavria. Lez reaches out to Cro while traveling on the magical highway, with no response.

P & L follow the highway to just outside of Cavria, hear Ili weeping at her brother’s grave. Just then, Koorig and 4 ghasts attack. He messes up the PCs a bit before L chops him bad and he contingency teleports away, then they mop up the ghasts. They meet Tranthar IV in Cavria and accept his hospitality. P’s com. causes a bit of a ruckus, but nothing L’s eventual pretending to be her man didn’t nip in the bud.

Ili Vorland is 15 years old. Her father, Tranthar Vorland IV (Ng), is the king of nascent Vorland (same flag as West Vorland, white gryphon over dark purple). Her great-grandfather, Tranthar II, established Rylisia as the kingdom of Vorland, migrating from the eastern continent. The capitol is Cavria, named for Tranthar II’s wife, a priestess of Or’Dukall. Tranthar II, III, and IV have spent their lives driving out the monsters of the large island and establishing their kingdom, which currently comprise all the lands east of the Eastheart Mountains (though it’s called the Western Range at that time). Her older brother, Tranthar, Ili’s only brother (she has a younger sister, Celene), recently met his end fighting the treacherous necromancer Gresson Koorig (of Vey’Ghul, formerly of Chrizove). Koorig (11/12 priest / necromancer) used to be the main adviser and right hand of Tranthar IV, but his slide into evil ways (discovery that some oddly “missing” young women from town were kidnapped by Koorig and used as sex slaves) made the king & co. confront him in a battle that left Tranthar V dead. Driven from town, Koorig started building a ghast force via patient graverobbing and sneaky murders, and is plaguing the area, with a mind to slay Tranthar IV and take Rylisia for himself.

Anyway, Koorig (11/12 priest (V’G)/necromancer) regularly scries on Tranthar and his family in his will for revenge. As such, he happened to discover that Ili had snuck out solo from the castle to visit her brother’s grave in the nearby graveyard outside of the town. Koorig teleports himself and however many ghasts he can get (550 lbs, 4 small ghasts) in an attempt to capture Ili.

So. L, P, and Ili get to Cavria the early A.M. of 5/26. They stay all day and that night, and that night is when Celene (younger sister of Ili, age 11) gets kidnapped. P’s sending spell to Celene as she was being hauled out of the city revealed it was shimmering air and she was stuffed in a large sack. Tranthar and his entourage haul off on horses like ineffectual buffoons, and L, P, Ili, the queen, camp out in L’s guest room.

Koorig was waiting for his summoned minion outside of the city, and promptly teleports away with the young princess.

P catches a nasty bug from the water, failed Con check, massively failed saving throw. Dysentery. Ugly.

So, on the second night P & L are guests in Cavria, Celene Vorland is kidnapped by an invisible stalker (summoned by Koorig), and it manages to slip out with the princess. The next day Lez reflecting pool sees her in a cave in the middle of being violated and sacrificed, 20 ghasts, Koorig, and Koorig’s henchman. Lez opens dimensional fold, fierce, ugly battle ensues, leaving P and L the only two standing. P ended up having to fireball everyone except her flying self twice, leading to a full clear of all but the PCs, friend and foe alike, with Lez minus his nifty girdle of many pouches, hooray friendly fire. The humorous bit is that they dropped Koorig to 1 right after he completed the ritual and sacrificed Celene, causing the Death Fog to form and spread, then he withdrew, healed up 1 away from full, only to fail his amazing save vs. death to die from the Death Fog he just brought about. Hilarious. Thus, The Death Coast becomes a thing.

Anyway, the headmaster of Or’Dukall in Cavria, the venerable Gantron, temporarily de-facto leader, offers to bestow Lez and P a boon from his god as reward. But the dysentery P suffers really bogs shit down, delaying the Or’Dukall ritual and the identifying of items.

5/27: Koorig downed.
5/30: P’s dysentery in full swing, she’s bed-ridden.
6/1: Lez reaches out to Aura, who shows up with tonics and a salve to help.
6/20: The stretch of time is what it took to get P up to travel worthy, they identify all the items, P learns some spells, Ili, despite severely wanting to leave w/ the PCs, decides to stay, simply for her mother’s sake, given that she has lost her husband, only son, and youngest daughter (leaving Ili the only child) recently. The ritual of Or’Dukall leaves Lez and P empowered by Or’Dukall, allowing them to prepare 1 or 2 elemental air priest spells a day, with a cap on 6 total spell levels. Also, a sack of small pearls as reward (50 @ 50gp each). Lez trades the dregs the of the items for additional 50 small pearls and 500 gp (minted locally). That night, they say their goodbyes, and Lez lighten loads himself, gets a fly from P, he shadow walks, and off they go across the ocean heading to Llelliava in hopes of finding a civilization worth a damn. They make it a couple of hours, before an older, more powerful Zhazran swoops in w/ a very active Stone and tears them away to the familiar copse in the forest at night. Some serious RP goes down, then the Stone tears them to the familiar swamp beyond overrun with trolls, late afternoon. They blast down quite a # of trolls before flying away to the highlands. Camp, wyverns attack. Serious business battle, P takes a severe plummet to the Earth and suffers compound fracture of her right arm. The trio are victorious, Lez flying finds the nearby wyvern lair, slays the last wyvern, leads the other two there, and Z whisks away. Bad times and bad attitudes hanging out in that cave. Mountain giants x2 run into Lez leaving the cave on the 5th day, they shadowwalk the eff out of there, but not before Lez feels the serious mountain giant blat (So for strictly nanotech tracking, technically session ended 6/25, which means the impromptu double session burned exactly 1 month for Lez and P).

Lezarous Condensed version of events
? is will the loop ever stop

798 AD The year it all began. This all started with a dream in a dungeon that lead to Xyv. Upon meeting Xyv things started quickly. Initially I (Lezarous) with another man were sent to Anthis to take care of a problem with a man and his family. Things happened so fast and chaotic we returned to Oridies to find even more new members to our group. We began by gaining complete control of Oridies for Xyv. By killing the Glendar the lord’s son, the captain of the Guard Voz, and many others. Once done with this we traveled west to conquer a few small villages. Upon completion of the villages we became entangled in the web of Vellime and evil wizard power hungry and in desperate to become immortal. The Karthuin ruins were in there somewhere and all of it’s different aspects. That damn Dog eating my face is definitely a memorable moment. The Collecting of the gems for Vellime were being worked on at the same time as the ruins. We eventually restored the ruins. Somewhere upon the way she (Aura) came into my life. I began to look at things differently but it was already too late I was too deep in the grand scheme of things. We dealt with Vellime in quick and decisive order. Then came the betrayal by Zhazran.
Ending the life of everyone in the group including myself. Only to wake in a strange place with what I would learn to be followers of Dusk all around. I would experience gods doing battle and dying, strange new places, time travel, immortals, ancient grudges acted out before my eyes, and the Chaos stone being responsible for it all.
Since my blade enter Lane’s body on that fateful day it’s seems I am doom to relive the same time frames over and over again. Will it ever end or are trapped in a loop never ending.

Adventure log of Solomon

Long ago: I’m dead.

Day 1 (for me): I’m alive!!

Night 1: I’m dead.

Day 2: I’m alive?

Night 2: I’m dead.

Day 3: I’m alive…

Night 3: …

Day 4: Holy shit…I’M STILL ALIVE!

After several months of training in Lunacy, I’ve grown to love the city. The impending jump to another timeline had made me apprehensive, but it went over well. I quickly acquired clothing and gear, and was happy to soon be afforded a chance to “revisit” Lunacy, though it is the city in the new timeline, and not actually the one I had grown accustomed to. I did get the chance to meet this reality’s version of several of the people I had grown close to during my training, and that afforded me an interesting chance to re-introduce myself to what should have been familiar acquaintances. I would have never thought this would be commonplace, for me. Oseth was pleased with the chance to meet me on this timeline, as he had been informed of my impending arrival, presumably by SoA. It’s not always that one gets a chance to meet someone for the first time, after knowing them for so long.

Annaverra will likely cause trouble for us. She is drawing attention to the situation we were expressly requested to keep low key. The others in the group seem to want to brush it off, but I fear the proper words whispered near the proper ears, and we’ve a situation on our hands. I’d rather avoid it. Despite Aura’s wishes, Lezarous seems intent on doing what he deems necessary. While that is his right, I feel his hubris may be detrimental to our cause. Lady Aura has my trust, and I have faith that she knows what must be done…whether she reveals all the details to me, or not. But I have pledged my loyalty to her, and she has given me no reason to doubt her, so I remain her loyal servant.

While lounging in Orides, we noticed a young woman who had been grievously disfigured, apparently by some sect of abominations that abduct unfortunate citizens, and force them to choose between life, maimed and scarred, or death. Many, apparently, chose death over the alternative presented to them. I only wish that my lady’s grace could have aided them before they chose their fate. Despair can be a powerful thing.

We met the lady, again, beneath the streets of the city, in the sewers. I tracked three sets of prints through the tunnels, two booted normally, one large, and one small, with another set of one booted print, and a clawed foot. When we found the lady, she was accompanied by a disfigured beast which we dispatched. He was responsible for the booted and clawed set of prints, and when we killed him, the lady screamed in dissent. I believe the smaller set of prints to be hers. Perhaps her captors had bent her will to their cause. She could be the agent among them that could walk freely in the city, despite her appearance, with the proper cloaking and anonymous behavior. I’m no stranger to hiding my appearance to those who would judge me by my look, or the color of my skin. We must go and speak with the barkeep at the Indigo Bliss, to discover what was spoken between the two, the night we saw them chatting. It may give us clues to the rest of the mystery. Meanwhile, at least one of the trio is free in the city.

Soon, Lezarous has suggested that we go and cleanse the temple of Aura that once existed in the Karthuin ruins. I look forward to seeing the temple restored. Perhaps it can become my local taste of Lunacy, if luck and lady Aura wills it.

During some downtime, we decided to go to Xoll. Lezarous wanted to return Graysoul to the family that once owned it, and we took advantage of being in the vicinity to study at the library for about a week. It proved advantageous, since I gained some spells I hadn’t previously had, as well as picking up an extra spellbook. I must look into condensing the spells I currently have, in order to save space in my books. Right now, they are simply too wordy, and I feel they can be condensed, to save precious space. I shall devote my free time to doing that, soon.

We searched for, and destroyed a young green dragon, and collected its hoard for our own treasuries. After which, we found 26 hill giants, and have yet to deal with the problem. This may be our next endeavor.

Okay, so it’s been a while since I updated the journal. Recently, we entered into an agreement with Zhazran and Reece Eisrik to cleanse their family estate of an ancestor that had become a lich. The plan was to remove them from the tower, and divvy up the loot according to Lezarous and Zhazran’s plan. Unfortunately, as soon as the combat was done, Lezarous rushed out to confront Reece on his “cowardice” during the battle, and killed him and his manservant, Galen, in the process. Prism helped in the combat. Afterwards, Zhazran and I took the bodies to the temple, and he asked why I would adventure with people of such murderous bent. I reached out to Aura for guidance, and everything blew up. Suddenly, we were all in custody at the church, the Chaos Hound was attacking, and we were spirited away by Jerry Luckspree the halfling Chosen of Tymora. SoA took custody of the gear, and the others, and demanded that Lezarous and Zhazran be exiled, banned from Saradynn and Lunas. As always, I measure my actions against those of my people, and I wonder if chaos follows my race, despite the intentions of the individual. I have long feared this, but I had hoped that the reconstitution of my being would sever any ties that curse might have had upon me. It would appear that this is not the case.

At any rate, it appears that Jerry Luckspree has asked our help in freeing his people from the oppression they suffer, in the lands of Ne’vu. Valrin has already proclaimed that he’ll help, and I plan on assisting him any way that I can. He’s a good Thadan, and a true ally. I hope that I can repay him in kind. Prism, as always, seems disdainful and aloof, with the usual occasional bouts of full blown hatred towards me. She may accompany us, but she has made reference to the fact that she cares not at all for “just causes” and what is right. If she can be bought to do this thing, she may come along with us. It pains me that she harbors such angst for the gods, but is more than willing to accept the healing their faith brings. But Aura and Dawn grant me these healing powers to save lives, and I will not let hers fall aside simply because she disagrees with me. Though I cannot count on such a mindset from her, should I be dependent on her help. Regardless, I will not let that determine my course of action.


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