Cathexes: plural of cathexis: the mental or emotional investment of time or energy into a person, object, or idea.

Every action plants seeds. What are you trying to grow?

We are all stardust. A synonym of stardust is magical. Try to remind yourself often how magical just existing is.

This setting and the resulting campaigns began over 15 years ago. I’m proud of it. Thanks for any/all participation.

The Chaos Stone stuff circa Fayetteville era wove in and out of three timelines, though none of the PCs were aware at the time, and most reading this will find this news. Not that there weren’t clues: frost giants, anyone? Those timelines are coming late to the site, so they will be designated Parallel 3 & 4.

Timeline, Original – This includes the whole of all Xynndarra PC happenings when it was hiding out like a hair in a biscuit on Toril, the meatgrinder that was the early phases of the “good” Earth groups, as well as the deadly shenanigans of the “evil” group. Included the Godswar and the plague.

Timeline Parallel 1 – Started with Ghost Viper & Aziza. I tacked on some thoughts and feedback at the bottom of that adventure log. I hope those that experienced those events take the time to read them.

Timeline Parallel 2 – Started with The Stars of Heat & Freyja. This is the current universe and the second parallel (third timeline total) the PCs have experienced with any real depth. The Trueborns and Elders (see Religion) can not manifest on the planet, per Prism’s decision. Lezarous and Prism in particular are beginning to think of this one as “home.”

Update: this is the parallel in which they trapped/imprisoned Feyzura the Savant, and K’tulu.

Update: after the Eisrik Estate Adventure and the ensuing chaos, Freyja, ranking C, I leave-behind on Parallel 2, removed all gods (she thinks/hopes) from Earth, right after she had J’Chyoora’Ukwa annihilated.

Update: C, I gets swept up in their interdimensional multiverse war, more or less allowing the gods to have a very heavy hand in Earth happenings once again. The opening salvo happens on the Original Timeline but foul play on Timeline Parallel 2 is what makes it get entirely out of hand.

Early in 799 Xoll’s newspaper launched: Worldwatcher.